Links to the People and Places We Love

Who doesn’t love links? We do. Here are some selected links to the people and places we adore on the internet. Proceed at your own risk!

Ork Links

  • ‎SIXBUTTON on Apple Podcasts Jase and his brother on Gaming, Life, and whatever else they want to discuss.
  • Because the Ork is a sap: Critter Pics of the Day.
  • is an outstanding technology news site that covers tech and modern life in depth. They’re worth your time.
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day has been posting daily for over 25 years. Astonishingly, I’ve clicked their posts almost every single day for that whole time. Where do you think I got the idea for a Critter Pic of the Day?

Cat Links

  • Cranky Fitness — The Cat’s favorite fitness blog. Good information, fun conversations, and blurry travel photos make this site a weekly hit for us.
  • Terrible Minds — If you’re into writing you’ll find a lot of great information here. The language can be a bit NSFW, but the humor is epic.
  • Whatever — Another great writerly blog lives here. He’s an excellent SF author with a killer sense of humor. His Twitter feed is also prone to hilarity.
  • Hyperbole and a Half — Allie Brosh posts awesome stories. Her pictures are top notch. Seriously, you can kill hours here. I also highly recommend her book.
  • The Geeky Housewife — Michelle was friends with me in school before I learned how to talk to people. Her blog is lovely and relevant to my interests!
  • This Guy — Everyone should follow this guy, because kittens.
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