2020 Critter Pic of the Day Archive

Feature graphic with an orange cat, a black cat, a tuxedo cat, and a rottweiler all looking into the camera.

2020 has roared into our lives, bringing a Hurricane of Suck. The best antidote? Kittens, Dogs, Cats, and all other forms of cute. We’re here to help!

If you click through the 2020 Critter Pic of the Day archive, you’ll smile a little bit, and if you smile a little bit, we’ve all made the world a bit better, haven’t we?

If you don’t smile a little bit, you clearly don’t like cute things, and in that case, you can move along, thank you very much!

January, 2020

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  • KPotD #338: New Year’s Snugs (1/1/2020) - We rang in the new year with warmth, snugs, and love. Stan had his front paw around Oscar while Oscar had his front paw under Stan’s chin. That’s a cuddle puddle if I ever saw one. The new decade is off to a great start. Warmth, snugs, and love for all!
  • KPotD #339: Toe Floof (1/2/2020) - Ever since we brought Oscar home he’s been fascinated by Udo’s toe floof. He stops to investigate it every chance he gets. Udo usually responds by yanking his foot away because he has understandable trust issues with pointy cats, but today he cooperated. Look at that sweet face. I am undone.
  • KPotD #340: The Predator (1/3/2020) - Yesterday's dog blanket photo shoot was so successful I decided to repeat it, this time with Oscar's favorite rage target: the wand bird. Look that fuzzy, adorable, murderous face.
  • KPotD #341: Couch Monster (1/4/2020) - Today was a big chore day at our house, as we got the Christmas tree and decorations put away along with the other housework. Oscar isn’t a fan of the steam mop and vacuum (aka the Hate Machines), so he hung out under the couch for a bit and terrorized a milk top.
  • KPotD #342: Bed King (1/5/2020) - As is usual in our house, the smallest creature has taken over the biggest bed. Oscar loves to sleep on our bed and gets a bit offended if any of his brothers try to join in (especially Udo). This is his offended face.
  • KPotD #343: Photographer Love (1/6/2020) - Today I decided to post a shot of what commonly happens when I flop in the floor to take Oscar pics. Yes, he’s fangwiping my head. He was ultra lovey because I’d been out of the house for half an hour, so cooperation was zero. I’m not even mad.
  • KPotD #344: The Hostage (1/7/2020) - We got Udo a crinkle duck for Christmas, and he adores it. It’s his second favorite toy behind his Tiny Rope and ahead of his old Innard (bigger yellow rope toy that looks like actual innards). Oscar has already taken the duck hostage several times. Today, I got proof.
  • KPotD #345: Back to Normal (1/8/2020) - Oscar loved having the Christmas tree up to rampage around, under, and into, but he seems pretty happy to have the dining room table back in its usual spot by the windows. It’s one of his favorite ambush bases for when Stan or Udo walk by unsuspecting.
  • KPotD #346: Tiger Belly (1/9/2020) - Today’s shot is an outtake from Monday that I had to share because it’s hilarious, and because it’s been crazy all day.
  • KPotD #347: Mouse Mayhem (1/10/2020) - Oscar took his favorite mouse onto the bed this morning for a good chomping session and was interrupted by Udo. You can see he was not amused at the possible incursion into his territory.
  • KPotD #348: Laundry Day Sunbeam (1/11/2020) - Oscar was being his usual helpful self today as I did laundry (he always “helps” me make the bed), but he took a break to flop in his favorite bedroom sunbeam. I caught him right before he rolled over to tap my toes for interrupting his sunning session. Afternoon warms are serious business, folks.
  • KPotD #349: The Slither (1/12/2020) - Oscar has a penchant for hiding things (usually bug carcasses or milk tops) under our rugs. When he does this, he performs a patented slither maneuver along the side of the rug before shoving the toy into position, like so.
  • KPotD #350: Grumpy Monday (1/13/2020) - Oscar is not a fan of Mondays. We get up early, we leave the house, we do stuff other than dote on him when he's awake. It's a drag.
  • KPotD #351: Ambush Predator (1/14/2020) - Oscar likes to hide behind whatever’s available (often me) to ambush his prey of the moment. I have no idea what he was after here, but he jumped on it from behind the table leg. Whatever it was, I’m sure it’s now thoroughly dead. He’s a conscientious killer.
  • KPotD #352: Box Chomp (1/15/2020) - Oscar has always been into boxes (literally), but his real passion is chewing on the flap corners. I set an Amazon box on the table to put with the recycle stuff later, and he immediately went to town on it.
  • KPotD #353: Toe Stripe (1/16/2020) - Oscar's been spending more snug time the past couple of days since it's gotten colder. I thought I could catch him being cute with Stan this morning, but nope. Snug shot denied. Instead, we get to admire his toe stripe.
  • KPotD #354: Grumpy Loaf (1/17/2020) - Oscar isn't a fan of the cold, rainy weather, so he's protesting by carving out a little fort on the bed and loafing in it. You can tell he's grumpy by the set of his ears.
  • KPotD #355: Turf Scuffle (1/18/2020) - The sun is out today, so Oscar is all about his window time. Unfortunately, he's not fond of sharing the windows, so a brief scuffle ensued when Udo came to see what was going on out front.
  • KPotD #356: Small Patrol (1/19/2020) - Oscar spent the afternoon on patrol and this time managed to avoid canine turf invasion. I made the mistake of bumping into the blinds while coming in to take the picture and he thought we were under attack.
  • KPotD #357: Brotherly Scraps (1/20/2020) - Oscar and Stan scrap a lot, usually at Oscar’s insistence. Stan could probably do with a bit less wrestling in his life, but Oscar loves him too much to leave him alone. Today’s action shot is a prime example. Their expressions say it all. Oscar: “Yaaaaaaah!!” Stan: “Ugh.”
  • KPotD #358: Good Form (1/21/2020) - Oscar is all about good form while sleeping. Here he is displaying the Loosened Pillbug Pose while recharging from his morning rampage. The curved back and perpendicular feet positioning are on point. He’s such a talent!
  • KPotD #359: Assertive (1/22/2020) - Oscar takes a little while to warm up to new people, but he's never been shy about making his wishes known. He's actually a bit pushy, and he loves to get in your face about it. For example...
  • KPotD #360: Loud Noises (1/23/2020) - While he's generally a pretty confident kitten, Oscar is not a fan of loud noises. This includes Udo barking up a storm when a leaf blows by or someone closes a car door. He saw a neighbor dog out front today and kicked up such a ruckus that Oscar went skittering under the bed. I managed to coax him out for a picture, but he was wary.
  • KPotD #361: Sleepy Face (1/24/2020) - I accidentally woke Oscar from his morning nap and his expression was so cute I had to capture it. He has the sweetest sleepy face I’ve ever seen. Granted, it was quickly morphing into a Class A Stinkeye because I woke him up, but it’s still cute.
  • KPotD #362: Monster Under the Bed (1/25/2020) - Lately when I can’t find Oscar, I go check under the bed. It’s become his go-to fort for when the dog is being too stompy or loud, but tonight he was just hanging out under there for funsies.
  • KPotD #363: Rodent Guardian (1/26/2020) - Udo and Stan joined us for our photo shoot this morning and Oscar was hard put to defend his mouse from both fronts. Udo doesn’t chew on the mice, but he does occasionally pick them up and run off with them, so Oscar had a valid concern here.
  • KPotD #364: Little Long Tail (1/27/2020) - Oscar has really grown into his tail over the past year. It’s as long and sleek as he is, but it can be hard to see when he’s curled up or tearing by on a rampage. I got a nice shot of it this afternoon while he was hanging out with Stan.
  • KPotD #365: A Year of Insanity (1/28/2020) - And just like that, it’s been 365 days. A year ago, we brought home a tiny ball of fuzz and hiss who hid behind the dryer and under the recliner while he got his bearings. He took to us pretty quickly, though.
  • CPotD #001: Critter Post of the Day (1/29/2020) - Welcome to the all new (not really) Critter Post of the Day! I’ve enjoyed chronicling Oscar’s first year with us so much I’ve decided to continue the journey and post more of his brothers as well. For today’s inaugural post, here is our oldest, Nutterbutter, assisting me with my workout this morning. He’ll be 14 …

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  • CPotD #002: Dignity (1/30/2020) - The cats missed us while we were at the gym last night and decided to bestow an epic post-dinner snug upon me. While Stan is a regal beast who displays a stunning lack of dignity upon occasion, Oscar just never bothered to develop any. He’s either all affection or all murder. There’s just no room …

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  • CPotD #003: No Dignity (1/31/2020) - I just had to say something about Stan occasionally displaying a lack of dignity. His latest pose is something to behold. I’m not sure how this happened, if he hoisted his back foot over Oscar or if Oscar wormed his way underneath while they were bathing, but yeah. This daffy looking snug is the result. …

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February, 2020

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  • CPotD #004: The Slammer (2/1/2020) - Occasionally, Stan likes to jump into the laundry basket and imprison himself while I'm folding clothes. I had almost managed to finish this load when he hopped in to nest upon Brian's gym shorts.
  • CPotD #005: The Dinner Snug (2/2/2020) - Oscar is a cyclical creature, and much to my delight he’s returned to engaging in dinner snugs lately. Look at those feet! He stayed like that through dinner and the entire movie we were watching. Whatever else he is, you can’t say he’s not a well-rested cat.
  • CPotD #006: Routine Canine (2/3/2020) - Udo and I have a routine during the week. We get up, he has breakfast while I have coffee, we see Brian off to work, we do a few chores, and we go for a walk when I take my morning break. After we return, he gets a couple of little rawhides and I get …

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  • CPotD #007: His Highness (2/4/2020) - Like most cats, His Royal Highness Stanley the Magnificent, King Wha-TAH-La, Ruler of the Seven Rooms appreciates high places. I turned from putting away dishes this morning to find him surveying his kingdom from the top of the fridge. That’s 20 pounds of regal benevolence, right there. A lesser feline would have knocked off my …

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  • CPotD #008: First Snow (2/5/2020) - We’ve been under a winter storm warning today and have actually seen a fair amount of snow for our area. Oscar hadn’t seen snow before, so he was entranced by the big flakes falling outside the window. Meanwhile, Udo has seen snow before and is completely thrilled with the state of his yard. He’s done …

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  • CPotD #009: Excuse Me (2/6/2020) - I was petting Oscar in the bedroom this morning and turned to find Stan blocking the door. This is his “excuse me” face. He was wondering when I would return to my chair so he could lay across my feet. I did so immediately and all was well, but still. That face.
  • CPotD #010: Couch Time (2/7/2020) - We donated blood last night and were gone for a while, so Oscar was happy to claim my lap the minute I flopped on the couch to recover. Picard and pizza also helped round out a nice evening. He’s such a great little nurse. Stan has trained him well!
  • CPotD #011: Clean Bear (2/8/2020) - Udo is always a hit with the little girls we see while we’re out and about. Most of them say he looks like a bear, and I have to agree. That’s probably why I’ve been calling him Mr. Bear instead of Udo. Today, Mr. Bear got a bath and was pretty happy about it once …

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  • CPotD #012: Stanley Stinkeye (2/9/2020) - Stan often likes to offer moral support while I’m lifting weights, and Friday was no different. He stays through the entire session, but he does get grumpy if I make too much noise clanking the plates. This quality stinkeye was accompanied by the washing of the Wha-TAH Paw, so it’s extra good. He’s the best …

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  • CPotD #013: Senior Floof (2/10/2020) - We had a visit from some plumbers this morning because the piping under our kitchen sink decided to fail spectacularly Friday night. They did a great job, but Nutter had to inspect the work. Nutter approves since it means he can once again get water bites, which are very important to his old grumpy self. …

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  • CPotD #014: Senior Bench Press Kitty (2/11/2020) - I got a floofy surprise during my morning workout today. Usually, Bench Press Kitty is Oscar. Stan has also been known to hop on the bench to see what I’m doing. But this time it was Nutter, and he decided my stomach was a great spot from which to spectate while I bench pressed. He …

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  • CPotD #015: Yes to Belly Rubs (2/12/2020) - Stanley is a big fan of belly rubs and accepts them often. Sometimes he even asks for them. Like this. Who am I to deny that face? He got lots of rubs this morning.
  • CPotD #016: Mini Sunbeam (2/13/2020) - Oscar missed the sun yesterday and is making up for it today by flopping in any available sunbeam. This one wasn’t very big yet, but he didn’t let that stop him. Today’s shot includes secret bonus Crazy Eyes because Udo walked in and messed up his Feng Shui.
  • CPotD #017: Crunchies, Please (2/14/2020) - Udo (aka Joy Boi, Mr. Bear, and Hugglebutt) knows the drill on walk days. We do chores, we work out, we walk, and then we get crunchies. This is his Very Good Boy face. As you can guess, he’s a big fan of chicken-wrapped rawhides, which we’ve dubbed crunchies because that’s how he eats them. …

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  • CPotD #018: So Judged (2/15/2020) - Oscar has been practicing his Judge Mode and I have to say it is coming along very well. Look at this face. He looks like he’s just so over it. Do you feel judged? I sure do, but in the best way. Kitten judging is best judging.
  • CPotD #019: Lazy Sunday (2/16/2020) - We get a lot done during the week and especially on Saturdays, so Sundays are reserved for lazing. Here is Nutter showing us how it’s done. He’s a big fan of the heated bed, as is Oscar. Between the two of them it has a fairly high occupancy rate. Now we just need to upgrade …

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  • CPotD #020: Power Nap (2/17/2020) - Stan’s reaction to Monday mirrors my own, except he gets to take naps. Nobody naps quite like Stan. Such style, such abandon, such chonk. He is an absolute unit and we love him.
  • CPotD #021: Tiny Blep (2/18/2020) - Oscar doesn’t always sleep with his tongue peeking out in a tiny blep, but when he does, my heart pops. He was passed out on my lap and snoring gently. I can’t even with this little cat. <3
  • CPotD #022: Gym Cat (2/19/2020) - Nutter has decided he’s my new gym cat, which now makes three because Stanley and Oscar have already pitched in. This morning, he was helping me with my lat pull-downs by parking his butt behind me on the bench. This was after Oscar had come in to lick the side of my face while I …

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  • CPotD #023: Work Cat (2/20/2020) - Oscar has been on another Strong Independent Kitten kick these days, so I haven’t been getting as many feet snugs during work. Then this happened today and I suddenly felt much better. He was using my foot as a pillow. I remember these sweet moments when he’s tearing around the house in the middle of …

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  • CPotD #024: Positioning (2/21/2020) - Stanley has a habit of sitting across multi-level surfaces. He likes to park his butt on the lower level and loaf his front over the upper, like so. Yep, his rear is firmly planted on the counter below the partition. He likes to sit this way across the loveseat console too, so I’m guessing it’s …

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  • CPotD #025: Sleepy Boy (2/22/2020) - Udo loves his bed almost as much as he loves snugging us, so when we aren’t available for snugs, he retires to his own spot. He finds housework especially boring and was nodding off while I was folding laundry today. I’m just happy he still likes his bed after three years. He’s a good sleepy …

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  • CPotD #026: Sunday Snugday (2/23/2020) - We had a nice, relaxing day after a load of housework on Saturday. Stan and Oscar were both into lap snugs, so they decided to share. We were all warm and happy, which made for a lovely rest day.
  • CPotD #027: Sniffle Monday (2/24/2020) - Poor little Oscar has come down with a cold. He’s been coughing for the last couple of days and seems to be feeling a bit crummy today. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but remembering how sick he got around this time last year has me in a bit of a panic. If he gets worse, …

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  • CPotD #028: Udo’s Third (2/25/2020) - Today is the third anniversary of the day we adopted Udo from the shelter. He is now approximately five years old and still going strong with his loving, joyful, ridiculously enthusiastic self. As you can see from this pic with his two favorite toys and the crumbs of his latest rawhide treat, he hasn’t changed …

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  • CPotD #029: Nurse Stanley (2/26/2020) - Oscar is still feeling a bit puny, so Stanley has gone into nurse mode and is letting Oscar snug him relentlessly. Look at that face. How could you NOT feel better being snugged by such a gorgeous beast? Stan was an affectionate, busy kitten, but I never would have thought he’d be such a conscientious …

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  • CPotD #030: Improvement (2/27/2020) - Oscar is obviously feeling much better today, rampaging around the house like his usual self. He’s still a little tired, but that hasn’t stopped him from several attempted murders. He tried to ambush me when I knelt down to take his picture in the window this morning. I’m so relieved. Our little guy is on …

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  • CPotD #031: Routines (2/28/2020) - Udo is a creature of routine, much like I am. He was exceptionally cute today after our morning walk, so I decided to get a picture before the obligatory post-walk crunchies were dispensed. This is his “I Deserve Crunchies Because Good Boy” face. You can even see his little white eyebrow hairs, and we have …

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  • CPotD #032: Weekend Snugs (2/29/2020) - We got a lot done today: laundry, chores, and an excursion to pick up a new microwave because our old one yeeted itself back in December. Now we can settle down to celebrate the weekend, which includes ridiculous snug sessions. These two pop my heart as it is, but I’m utterly doomed when they combine …

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March, 2020

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  • CPotD #033: Bath Day (3/1/2020) - Today was bath day, which causes mixed feelings for Udo. He hates getting washed, but he loves being clean. He also loves the crunchies he receives for being a good boy during the bath. This picture was after two rounds of post-bath brushing. He’ll be dry before we go to bed. Probably. For right now, …

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  • CPotD #034: Hope (3/2/2020) - Udo is a big fan of our morning walks and waits not-so-patiently for me to get ready every day. This is the face I was greeted with when I came in to put on my shoes this morning. Such hope. How can I possibly say no to that face? Short answer: I caaaaaaan’t.
  • CPotD #035: Fierce Snugs (3/3/2020) - Oscar was super snuggy last night after dinner. He had been passed out in my lap, but woke up and yawned as I was trying to take a picture. If that maw doesn’t say RAWR, I don’t know what does. So fierce. So snuggly. So cute.
  • CPotD #036: Nope (3/4/2020) - Stan seems to have picked up the crud that Oscar had last week. He’s not feeling great and needs extra attention, so he decided to camp on my work phone this morning. Good thing I still have a laptop, because I wasn’t about to argue with that face. Hopefully he’ll kick the cooties soon so …

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  • CPotD #037: Curious Loaf (3/5/2020) - Oscar has really improved his loaf form and was practicing this morning when Udo and I returned from our walk. The wind picked up and made the roof creak as I was taking the picture, which resulted in this face. It’s an adorable cross between curious and annoyed, but I think annoyed won because he …

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  • CPotD #038: The Spot (3/6/2020) - All of our cats go through phases with their favorite spots to day sleep. They’ll rotate across the bed, the heated bed, the guest bed, our chairs, etc. Oscar has decided his latest favorite spot is where Brian’s feet go, and he will defend it with gusto. He had been sleeping until Loud Dog McGee …

    CPotD #038: The Spot Read More »

  • CPotD #039: Healing Hoodie (3/7/2020) - Stanley is doing much better this weekend. We think he’s mostly kicked the crud, and he seems to be celebrating by crashing out on Brian’s hoodie. I’ve done the same when I feel poorly, so we both think it has healing powers. Look at that quality inversion, that happy face. Our boy is on the …

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  • CPotD #040: Sunday Snugboy (3/8/2020) - Oscar has been snuggly today and I have been weirdly cold, so we’re a match made in heaven. He took up his warming spot on my footrest and we were both happy this evening. He’s a little sweet pea and I love him.
  • CPotD #041: Wingman (3/9/2020) - Nutterbutter, aka Mr. Cat About Town, stole my chair again this morning while I was lifting and didn’t want to give it up when I needed to sit down for a teleconference. This is his reaction when I asked if we could share it. He doesn’t look enthused, but he made room and snuggled right …

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  • CPotD #042: Salt and Pepper (3/10/2020) - Oscar has always had cute salt and pepper spots spreading out from his white patches, but they’ve become a lot more prominent as he’s grown. The ones flaring out from his chest are especially bright. They’re like little lens flares. Between those and the random white hairs around his haunches, he’s quite a striking little …

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  • CPotD #043: Conquest (3/11/2020) - Nutterbutter loves the two kick toys we have, but he’s always stealthy about playing with them. I walked through the living room this morning after my workout and found that he had once again claimed the giraffe toy. I suspect he kicked the everloving fluff out of it while no one was looking. He was …

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  • CPotD #044: Focus (3/12/2020) - We’ve opened the windows for Spring and the cats are all about it, especially Oscar. He’s back to spying on his arch nemesis, Maple Squirrel. The little villain likes to dig up nuts right under our bedroom window and carry them back up the neighbor’s maple tree. He is unimpressed by his feline observer. Oscar …

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  • CPotD #045: Rainy Day Blues (3/13/2020) - Udo is not a fan of this windy, rainy weather because it postpones our scheduled walks (aka sniff tours). He is a fan of consolation crunchies, though.
  • CPotD #046: Unending Battle (3/14/2020) - Oscar loves to wrestle with Stanley, which often results in epic chases across the house and furniture when Stanley gets his can full. These chases usually end like this. Oscar hasn’t quite figured out that this pose means he’s about to get his fuzzy butt kicked, but I think he will eventually. In the meantime, …

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  • CPotD #047: That Belly (3/15/2020) - Despite his diminutive size, Oscar has quite a respectable tiger belly. Like Stanley’s, it swings from side to side when he runs and makes him look like a tiny jungle cat. I was able to get a good shot of it this morning while he was cleaning his tail. Look at that fuzzy chonk. He’s …

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  • CPotD #048: Gatekeeper (3/16/2020) - Udo takes his protector role very seriously. If the front door is open, he’s guarding it. He also takes his sacred duty to avoid the camera very seriously. If a camera is pointed at him, he’s not looking at it. In this example, he’s instead looking over my shoulder at absolutely nobody. I took several …

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  • CPotD #049: The Latest Box (3/17/2020) - We had to get a trim kit when we replaced our dead microwave (which Brian installed brilliantly), and it came in a rather large box. Stan has claimed this box as his own and I don’t have the heart to move it. Look how happy he is. We’ll move it at some point when we …

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  • CPotD #050: Gym Bros (3/18/2020) - We’re following the social distancing protocol these days, which includes working out at home. I’m grateful to have equipment that allows me to do so, and I’m also grateful for my gym bros. They’re so helpful and observant. Fuzzy moral support is best moral support.
  • CPotD #051: Storm Kitten (3/19/2020) - We had a stormy morning complete with Walmart adventures and lightning-induced power outages, and Oscar was on hand to monitor the situation on the home front. He’s not a fan of lightning or thunder, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping an eye on things. He’s a diligent protector like his big brothers.
  • CPotD #052: Sentry Duty (3/20/2020) - Udo is not a fan of me working out. I think he’s afraid I’ll hurt myself (and he’d rather I pay attention to him), so he goes to lay by the bedroom window and keep an eye on the front yard. He likes to rest his face on the window sill for maximum view with …

    CPotD #052: Sentry Duty Read More »

  • CPotD #053: Waiting (3/21/2020) - It’s chore day, and one of the chores we do on the weekends is laundry. Much like I did when I was a kid, Udo finds laundry absolutely dead boring. He was waiting impatiently in the doorway as I folded clothes because he was ready to play. Stan was keeping him company because he was …

    CPotD #053: Waiting Read More »

  • CPotD #054: Lazy Sunday (3/22/2020) - It’s a cool, cloudy Sunday here. We’re doing our civil duty by not going anywhere and our healthy duty by not doing anything. Nutterbutter is helping by showing off his well-practiced laziness technique in the heated bed. He and Oscar spend a lot of time in that bed, but Stanley rarely touches it. I suspect …

    CPotD #054: Lazy Sunday Read More »

  • CPotD #055: Smug Support (3/23/2020) - Stanley decided to make himself a nest on the guest bed while I worked out this morning. He was very pleased with himself and his new spot. And I was quite happy to have him nearby. A smug gym bro is better than no gym bro.
  • CPotD #056: Power Mlem (3/24/2020) - Stanley was bathing on his box this morning and being monstrously cute, so of course I horned in to get a photo. He was not amused. I, however, was greatly amused. That is an epic power mlem.
  • CPotD #057: Bird Watcher (3/25/2020) - Oscar has pretty much lived in the bedroom window since we opened up for the pre-summer breeze season, and he has become a proficient bird watcher. His prey this morning was a pair of robins. He was stalking them with all his might while they gathered nesting materials and ignored his existence. Luckily for them, …

    CPotD #057: Bird Watcher Read More »

  • CPotD #058: Small Might (3/26/2020) - Now that he’s over a year old, Oscar takes up more of the window sill than he first did. He’s still pretty small for a young adult cat, but he makes up for it with fierceness and heart. He brings me joy every day and I’m glad we have him, even when he’s being a …

    CPotD #058: Small Might Read More »

  • CPotD #059: Bliss (3/27/2020) - My gym bros kept me company this morning as they usually do while I lift weights. Oscar and Udo were especially attentive (they love when I do crunches because floor time), but Nutterbutter and Stanley snoozed through it all. As I turned to move from barbell rows to bench press, I saw this in all …

    CPotD #059: Bliss Read More »

  • CPotD #060: Busy (3/28/2020) - Oscar has always been a busy cat. If he’s awake, he’s focused on something, especially during prime birding season like now. I often get the “Do you mind, I’m trying to bird” face when I interrupt him. He seems exasperated by interruptions for photos, but he’s never retaliated with more than a stink eye. Photos …

    CPotD #060: Busy Read More »

  • CPotD #061: Stink Eye (3/29/2020) - Our Sunday was not so lazy this time. After a big round of yard work that included mowing and cleaning out all the gutters, we came back to our chairs to find them taken. Stanley also had claimed my jacket, and he was not interested in giving it up. Nutter wasn’t interested in letting Brian …

    CPotD #061: Stink Eye Read More »

  • CPotD #062: Mine (3/30/2020) - Stanley has been extra snuggy lately. I love when he goes through these phases because he’s so affectionate, but the photo opportunities are a nice bonus. He’s so snuggy he’s even laying on the kick toys. He’s such a sweet boy. The little bumps of fur between his ears that look like tiny devil horns …

    CPotD #062: Mine Read More »

  • CPotD #063: Cookies (3/31/2020) - I did some baking this evening and Udo helped me in the kitchen as he always does. This is the face he made when I asked him if he wanted a cookie. Why yes, yes he did. He got one, too.

April, 2020

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  • CPotD #064: Rumpled Regal (4/1/2020) - Nutterbutter likes to keep me company when I work in the living room, especially when he can steal Brian’s chair. He was extremely pleased with himself this time. So rumpled. So regal. So cute.
  • CPotD #065: The Model (4/2/2020) - Oscar has created a ritual around accosting me when I walk into the bedroom. He winds around my feet, squeaks at me with a puffed tail, and leaps onto the bed to bathe. This morning I caught him just sitting like this. To be fair, he was mid-bath and had stopped to glare at the …

    CPotD #065: The Model Read More »

  • CPotD #066: Warmth (4/3/2020) - It’s been unseasonably cool this week, so the cats have been finding warmth where they can. For example, Oscar wedged his rear under a pillow to stay warmer while being my gym bro. It’s hard to focus sometimes while surrounded by so much cute, but I persevere.
  • CPotD #067: Feeties (4/4/2020) - I got surprise bonus Oscar snugs this evening! He’s been in Strong Independent Kitten mode these days, so I’m thrilled to get some extra foot snugs. Oscar isn’t quite as big a fan of the feeties as Stanley is (he prefers the lap), but he’s just as cute when he snugs them. He was watching …

    CPotD #067: Feeties Read More »

  • CPotD #068: New Spot (4/5/2020) - Brian researched, rummaged, and sewed yesterday to make us cloth masks for when we need to go out. Part of the process was ironing the parts, so we busted out our tiny ironing board and set it on the kitchen counter. Stanley really approves of said ironing board. He’s claimed it as his new perch, …

    CPotD #068: New Spot Read More »

  • CPotD #069: Tiny Doom (4/6/2020) - Oscar was rampaging with his milk top this morning, so I flopped down for an impromptu photo shoot. He noticed this and launched a counter attack. This was my view seconds before I had a face full of small cat. Although he was in attack mode, all I received was a super energetic head bump, …

    CPotD #069: Tiny Doom Read More »

  • CPotD #070: Milk Top Madness (4/7/2020) - Today’s photo shows the milk top that brought about yesterday’s tiny doom. He has multiple milk tops stashed around the house and often deposits then in our chairs or the bed when he’s on a rampage. This one lives in the bedroom right now. Every time I throw one away I find two more, so …

    CPotD #070: Milk Top Madness Read More »

  • CPotD #071: Frayed Cray Station (4/8/2020) - Brian bought this little hammock we call the Cray Station for Stanley back when he was a tiny baby. Stanley loved it instantly and still does, despite the fact he doesn’t entirely fit in it anymore and he’s frayed most of the scratchy rope off the pillars. One of these days we’re going to get …

    CPotD #071: Frayed Cray Station Read More »

  • CPotD #072: Joy Boy (4/9/2020) - Udo and I got out early for our walk to take advantage of the wind being less insane for a little while. We had a lovely time and waved at lots of folks while sticking to a pretty good pace, so he got an extra crunchy when we got home. He was quite happy because …

    CPotD #072: Joy Boy Read More »

  • CPotD #073: Chill Judging (4/10/2020) - Stanley can combine the utter relaxation of a chill pose with the haughty judgement of a cat better than any I’ve ever seen. Just look at that face. He is a masterpiece of feline engineering and we adore him.
  • CPotD #074: Bonded (4/11/2020) - Oscar and Stanley tend to wrestle so much that sometimes I forget they’re bonded. Then I walk and and see stuff like this. Such love, such snuggles. They make my heart happy.
  • CPotD #075: The Poop Eye (4/12/2020) - Brian and I love Robot Chicken, especially Gandalf’s big eyes when he says the word poop in this scene, because we’re 12. It turns out that Udo has a profound talent for making these poop eyes, usually when he’s flopped on the floor like a hairy carcass and wants to keep track of us without …

    CPotD #075: The Poop Eye Read More »

  • CPotD #076: Nurse and Guardian (4/13/2020) - I’ve come down with a case of sinus crud and am feeling like hot garbage, so Stanley has engaged double Nurse and Guardian modes to help me feel better. He protects me from cooties, dogs, and kittens. It’s super effective, too. Udo won’t even mess with him when he’s in this mode, so the cooties …

    CPotD #076: Nurse and Guardian Read More »

  • CPotD #077: Spot Change (4/14/2020) - Nutterbutter goes through phases with his sleeping spots, just like most cats. The weather is often a factor, and seeing as how we woke up to snow this morning (seriously, what month is this) he’s opted for the good Korean blanket in the guest room. He’s quite pleased about it, too. He’s getting a bit …

    CPotD #077: Spot Change Read More »

  • CPotD #078: Stan’s Spot (4/15/2020) - One of Stan’s go-to spots is the little blanket Brian made for him a couple of years ago. When he’s not sleeping on my feet or in the recliner, he’s usually on his blanket. He loves that thing. He has to curl up a bit to fit on it now that he’s fully grown, which …

    CPotD #078: Stan’s Spot Read More »

  • CPotD #079: Bonus Snugs (4/16/2020) - Udo was being cute this morning, as he always does, so I decided to get in the floor with him for some pics. This was a mistake. He immediately crawled into my lap and made a German spectacle of himself. Look at this jerk. He is the sweetest, but he’s the most uncooperative dog I …

    CPotD #079: Bonus Snugs Read More »

  • CPotD #080: Coffee Sits (4/17/2020) - Almost every morning, Nutterbutter joins me on the love seat while I drink my coffee. Udo usually does too, flopped on my feet if I have them down. We call this time Coffee Sits and I think all of us enjoy it. We had a cold front blow through, so this morning’s sits were especially …

    CPotD #080: Coffee Sits Read More »

  • CPotD #081: Laundry Inspector (4/18/2020) - Most cats love to lay on warm laundry, but Stanley has made a career of it. He is our household laundry inspector and he takes his job quite seriously. This picture shows him loafing on the bedspread with a warm sunbeam shining in behind him. What you can’t see is the underwear he’s parked his …

    CPotD #081: Laundry Inspector Read More »

  • CPotD #082: Perimeter Station (4/19/2020) - Much like his black and white predecessor, Wolfie, Oscar likes to keep an eye on our perimeter. Brian got out Wolfie’s old bed while reorganizing our home office the other day and we decided to put it near the bedroom window to see if Oscar would enjoy it. He does. He uses it as a …

    CPotD #082: Perimeter Station Read More »

  • CPotD #083: A Little Weird (4/20/2020) - Stanley has a lot of quirks that make him the lovable house panther he is, but his latest one cracks me up. He likes to sit in Brian’s spot on the love seat and dangle his paws in the cup holder. He only does this on Brian’s side, even when mine is empty. I’m not …

    CPotD #083: A Little Weird Read More »

  • CPotD #084: Lap Dog (4/21/2020) - Udo was being cute with his head in the window this morning, so I thought I’d grab a picture. Yeah, I thought. This is what happens if I sit in the floor. I can’t be annoyed, though. His happy face fills my heart like his big butt fills my lap. There’s a reason we call …

    CPotD #084: Lap Dog Read More »

  • CPotD #085: New Tenant (4/22/2020) - I walked into the bedroom yesterday, saw this, and immediately turned around to get my phone for photographic proof. I’ve never seen Stanley in the Wolfie bed, but he’s apparently decided he likes it. Look at that smug panther. His butt hangs over the edge, but hey: he sort of fits, so he sort of …

    CPotD #085: New Tenant Read More »

  • CPotD #086: Tuckered Out (4/23/2020) - We were all extra tired yesterday from staying up too late listening to the storms pound on our house. Oscar isn’t used to hail of that magnitude, so he’s been extra snuggy, as you can see in this post-dinner pic. He was even ridge-backed in his sleep, and look at those crossed paws! I am …

    CPotD #086: Tuckered Out Read More »

  • CPotD #087: One Hundred (4/24/2020) - Oscar is a 100% kind of cat. He commits to everything he does, especially sleeping. For example, he joined me for an evening gaming session with the laptop yesterday and almost oozed off the footrest. He’s my fuzzy little wingman and I love him.
  • CPotD #088: Cheese Puffs (4/25/2020) - Udo is very fond of snack food, but he has a special love for cheese puffs. I got us a tub of them this week because why not, and he was quite happy to remind us that he is here to help. Like I could ever say no to that face.
  • CPotD #089: Love Cat (4/26/2020) - Oscar’s favorite spot to nap these days is at the foot of the bed, usually on Brian’s side. Brian took this shot earlier and I think he caught the essence of Oscar: pure love. He was in the process of stretching a paw out to touch. Oscar is more than a little goofy, but he …

    CPotD #089: Love Cat Read More »

  • CPotD #090: Guardians (4/27/2020) - The cats have been enjoying the spring weather and spending a lot of time in the windows guarding us from the squirrels. Usually they take it in shifts, but they’ll tag-team it if the squirrels have greater numbers. They had both been staring intently out the window, but Stan had to stop and give Udo …

    CPotD #090: Guardians Read More »

  • CPotD #091: Paws Crossed (4/28/2020) - When Oscar is feeling especially lovey, he’ll snuggle with his paws crossed and make this happy little face. My heart pops from the cuteness overload. He’s an affectionate little devil.
  • CPotD #092: Secretary (4/29/2020) - Oscar likes to help me work. Yesterday he was acting as my secretary and gatekeeper, making sure nobody else could get to me while I was focusing. As you can see, he’s quite good at his job. If that face doesn’t say “Do you have an appointment?” I don’t know what does.
  • CPotD #093: Opportunist (4/30/2020) - Oscar will use almost anything as a pillow: a toy, a lump of blanket, his brother’s butt, etc. This time he used my foot. Lately he likes to park across my shins while I’m on the laptop, which I love, but he’s never parked his little chin on the arch of my foot. It was …

    CPotD #093: Opportunist Read More »

May, 2020

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  • CPotD #094: Why, Though? (5/1/2020) - Nutterbutter likes to keep me company while I work and usually parks his rear in Brian’s chair. He was sleeping cutely there this morning and I decided to try for a picture, but he woke up and gave me this face. He is not a fan of being awakened for photo ops. I, however, am …

    CPotD #094: Why, Though? Read More »

  • CPotD #095: Post-Chore Snugs (5/2/2020) - Oscar has been extra lovey today, so he joined me in the love seat for some post-chore lunch snugs. Then Brian got up and Oscar immediately abandoned me to steal his chair, because cat. It was a delightful little snug, though!
  • CPotD #096: Could You Not (5/3/2020) - Oscar is back in Strong Independent Kitten mode today and he is over my incessant picture taking. How could I resist this, though? Such fuzz, such majesty, such grump.
  • CPotD #097: It’s Mine Now (5/4/2020) - This is what happens when you leave a towel in the floor at our house. I wasn’t surprised to find a cat on it, but I was surprised to find that cat on it. Stanley usually prefers to observe his kingdom from on high if he isn’t lounging on his kick toys. He must have …

    CPotD #097: It’s Mine Now Read More »

  • CPotD #098: Ridiculous (5/5/2020) - Oscar was sleeping in my chair last night as we sat down for dinner, so I just picked him up and set him in my lap to snuggle while we ate. He didn’t leave, and in fact oozed into this ridiculous position for the remainder of the evening. He was dead asleep like this for …

    CPotD #098: Ridiculous Read More »

  • CPotD #099: Comfy Thief (5/6/2020) - I finished my workout this morning and came out to find a sleeping beast in MY chair rather than Brian’s. This is unusual enough that I had to document it. The fuzztastic cuteness is just a bonus. What an adorably unrepentant thief.
  • CPotD #100: Small Cat, Big Bed (5/7/2020) - Brian bought a heated bed for the cats a few years ago and it has been a big hit since we plugged it in. Oscar spends a lot of time in it, and we found him there when we got back from our walk this morning. He’s not big enough to fill it, but he …

    CPotD #100: Small Cat, Big Bed Read More »

  • CPotD #101: Ludicrous Cat (5/8/2020) - I’ve mentioned often that Oscar’s sleeping positions tend toward the ludicrous. Yesterday we obtained solid photographic proof. Look at this little fruit loop. He was completely zonked out. I had to hold his rear to keep him from oozing down my shoulder and off the love seat. He is the living embodiment of love, trust, …

    CPotD #101: Ludicrous Cat Read More »

  • CPotD #102: Lake Bear (5/9/2020) - We took the kayaks out for our first float of the year, and of course Udo came along for the ride. He loves truck rides, the water, and adventure. In this case, adventure included chucking himself into the middle of the lake because he wanted to switch from my boat to Brian’s. This resulted in …

    CPotD #102: Lake Bear Read More »

  • CPotD #103: Moral Support (5/10/2020) - Oscar is there for all of my workouts, either sleeping on the bed, sitting on the other end of the bench, or in this case performing guard duty in case the birds get uppity. He might not stay for the whole workout, but he always makes sure I’m doing okay. Oscar is the best little …

    CPotD #103: Moral Support Read More »

  • CPotD #104: Gym Bro Snuggle (5/11/2020) - Udo and I returned from our post-workout walk this morning to find all three cats hanging out in the home gym (aka guest room). Oscar had parked his butt on Stanley, who couldn’t be bothered to move. That’s a quality gym bro snuggle if I’ve ever seen one.
  • CPotD #105: Happy Tuesday (5/12/2020) - Brian trimmed a roast this morning for tonight’s stew, which meant Udo and the cats all got a little extra fat with their breakfast. They’re quite pleased about this, as you can see by Smug Stanley loafing on his favorite mailing envelope. We’ve had those for months because he loves to lay on them and …

    CPotD #105: Happy Tuesday Read More »

  • CPotD #106: Shoulder Cat (5/13/2020) - Oscar’s latest thing is to hop up on the back of the love seat and park his rather hefty rear on my shoulder. He will do this for hours. For obvious reasons, his latest nickname is Bowling Ball Butt. I’ve started documenting these occurrences because they crack me up. I might use the pictures to …

    CPotD #106: Shoulder Cat Read More »

  • CPotD #107: Hair Bear (5/14/2020) - Udo sheds year round in varying amounts, but spring is always the big hair season. After his dunk in the lake last Saturday, he has begun to blow his coat in earnest. I was attempting to get a post-brushing shot of him and the state of the carpet this morning when Oscar decided to help. …

    CPotD #107: Hair Bear Read More »

  • CPotD #108: Hairy Sunbathing (5/15/2020) - Oscar had a glorious flop in a big sun patch this morning after Udo’s brushing session, so I went for a picture. Udo promptly walked in behind me and screwed it up. The cat’s expression says it all. Only Oscar could bask so sternly in a mixture of sunlight and dog hair.
  • CPotD #109: Box Car Stanley (5/16/2020) - All our cats love cardboard boxes, but they get bored with them pretty quickly. I usually let them play with a new box for a couple of days and then chuck it into the recycle bin to rejoin the collective. That was on today’s agenda for the latest box, but I made the mistake of …

    CPotD #109: Box Car Stanley Read More »

  • CPotD #110: Suspicious Snugs (5/17/2020) - Stanley and Nutterbutter often share my lap for Sunday Coffee Sits. This happens in varying states of distrust and usually ends when Stanley shoves a limb too far into Nutter’s personal space. We caught him in the act this morning right before Nutter left in disgust. Note the subtle display of claws on Stanley’s part. …

    CPotD #110: Suspicious Snugs Read More »

  • CPotD #111: Nyah Nyah (5/18/2020) - Oscar decided to help me hang the curtains back up after I washed them this weekend. And by help, I mean blockade. He likes my step stool almost as much as I do and was not interested in letting me use it. I swear I could hear him going “Thfffffffpt!” What a little turkey.
  • CPotD #112: Radioactive (5/19/2020) - Oscar was basking in his sun patch this morning when Udo and I returned from our walk, so I of course attempted pictures. To get the best angles, I always get in the floor with him. Sometimes this works and he stays put for a minute. Most of the time he gets up and kisses …

    CPotD #112: Radioactive Read More »

  • CPotD #113: Box Boy (5/20/2020) - Oscar has really taken a liking to Wolfie’s old bed. At this point I’d say he’s claimed it for his own because he spends a lot of time there bird watching and napping. I find him like this often. It’s a tight fit, but I don’t think he’ll outgrow it unless he gets significantly wider. …

    CPotD #113: Box Boy Read More »

  • CPotD #114: Portrait Mode (5/21/2020) - Stanley was looking pensive and picturesque on his envelopes this morning, so I tried to document. He said no, but how about some kissies? So I got kissies. It’s easy to forget how big he is until he’s bonking you on the forehead.
  • CPotD #115: Milk Top Box Visit (5/22/2020) - Oscar was wigging about with his favorite milk top this afternoon and happened to knock it into the latest box fort. He approved of this situation and decided they both needed to stay for a while. Brian was home for lunch and caught the pic, which is perfect. That Godzilla expression, those whiskers… he’s a …

    CPotD #115: Milk Top Box Visit Read More »

  • CPotD #116: House Helper (5/23/2020) - Saturday is housework day, and none of our brood are particularly fond of the noisy appliances we call Hate Machines. They do enjoy clean floors, though, so they’re always extra happy when the housework is done. Stanley enjoyed a blissful snooze in his hammock after the steam mop went back in the closet. They’re all …

    CPotD #116: House Helper Read More »

  • CPotD #117: Laundry Day (5/24/2020) - Oscar has always loved to help me do the laundry. He hops in the baskets, he hops onto the washer to peer inside, and he hops onto the bed to prevent me from removing or replacing the sheets. He’s an especially big fan of bed-making prevention. His method of prevention is to squeak and fangwipe …

    CPotD #117: Laundry Day Read More »

  • CPotD #118: Mini Pear (5/25/2020) - Oscar is going through a sleep-on-the-back-of-the-recliner phase, which lets him crash out while still keeping an ear on what we’re doing. He was zonked so hard this afternoon that he looked like a fuzzy little pear. I wish I could sleep that hard. Cat goals, man.
  • CPotD #119: That’s the Look (5/26/2020) - That’s the look! The look of love! Okay, so not everyone enjoys 80’s song lyrics, but Udo is very good at displaying the look of love. I wasn’t even holding food, but that face is why he gets more rawhide chews than he should. I am powerless against it.
  • CPotD #120: Smug Snug (5/27/2020) - Stanley likes to take up my entire lap, and sometimes he’s just extra pleased about it. Look at that face. He’s smug because he knows I’m completely smitten with him and won’t get up until I must. I’m owned by a house panther.
  • CPotD #121: Long-Toed Cat (5/28/2020) - Oscar had weirdly long toes as a kitten, and they’ve grown right along with the rest of him. Brian got a nice shot of them as he was experimenting with the macro settings on his camera. I also have weirdly long toes, so Oscar clearly takes after me. Long-toed cats unite!
  • CPotD #122: The Ritual (5/29/2020) - Oscar has a morning ritual with Brian. Every day when Brian starts to get ready for work, Oscar leaps onto the washing machine and waits for pets. The longer he waits, the fluffier he gets, but he always gets his morning love-up. As you can see, he’s quite happy about this. Not only does he …

    CPotD #122: The Ritual Read More »

  • CPotD #123: Macro Mini Cat (5/30/2020) - Today’s shot is another macro photo that Brian took with his new phone, which has a way better camera than mine does. Oscar had been asleep and just started to wake up as Brian took the picture. I love the way his white hairs whirl out into the black. He’s very much a tuxedo, but …

    CPotD #123: Macro Mini Cat Read More »

  • CPotD #124: Lazy Sunday (5/31/2020) - Stanley has enjoyed a tranquil morning filled with sunbeams, naps, and cheese. He showed his appreciation from his mailing envelopes before indulging in another nap. Sometimes he’s a dignified house panther and sometimes he’s not, but he’s always gorgeous.

June, 2020

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  • CPotD #125: Hi There (6/1/2020) - Oscar loves Brian, and he also loves Brian’s beard. His mission in life is to be picked up so he can snuggle into Brian’s face on a daily basis. He’s pretty successful at it. Brian had scooped him up and flopped on the bed with him, which usually results in Oscar leaving immediately because cat. …

    CPotD #125: Hi There Read More »

  • CPotD #126: Face Snugger (6/2/2020) - As I mentioned yesterday, Oscar loves Brian and his beard. Here is the next installment of the epic face snug that occurred. He’s like infinite love wrapped in a little fuzzy package. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting conclusion to the epic face snug!
  • CPotD #127: Only Snug (6/3/2020) - And here we have the exciting conclusion to Oscar’s latest epic face snug! I like to call this one “No See, Only Snug.” I’m impressed with Brian’s ability to take a picture while blindfolded by a cat’s tail. He’s amazing. <3
  • CPotD #128: Snug Brothers (6/4/2020) - Oscar drives Stanley nuts all day every day, but they still love each other and sleep together often. Brian caught them sleep-snugging on our bed, which they immediately ceased when they saw him get the camera. This is still a ridiculously cute snug, though.
  • CPotD #129: Contentment (6/5/2020) - Stanley is a pretty happy house panther in general. I think it really shows when he’s asleep, as do his super cute toe beans. He splits his sleep time between his mailing envelopes, his hammock, and our bed, but I’m pretty sure he can be comfortable anywhere. That is, until his little brother decides to …

    CPotD #129: Contentment Read More »

  • CPotD #130: Mr. Goodbear (6/6/2020) - Udo has decided he likes to sit in my chair to keep Brian company while I do stuff around the house. He apparently prefers it when he can still keep an eye on me, because this is what I found when I came back from folding clothes. Look at that happy bear face. He really …

    CPotD #130: Mr. Goodbear Read More »

  • CPotD #131: Ice Cream Creepers (6/7/2020) - As a reward for making it through the week and getting our chores done, we like to have ice cream on Saturday nights. The cats also like to have ice cream on Saturday nights. Stanley was in the middle of the love seat while Oscar was sitting on me. I think they look like a …

    CPotD #131: Ice Cream Creepers Read More »

  • CPotD #132: Surly Stanley (6/8/2020) - Stanley gets surly when he’s not provided with ice cream in a timely manner. When he’s surly, he looks like this. Such a serious face for a house panther. As you can imagine, we eventually give in because how could we not? He’s too majestic to deny.
  • CPotD #133: Hunting Brothers (6/9/2020) - The local robins must have been extra mouthy this morning, because Stanley and Oscar were tail-lashingly annoyed at their presence. I suspect a vocal turf war was going on out of my hearing range. This show of feline solidarity later devolved into a scuffle over the morning sun patch, but it was nice while it …

    CPotD #133: Hunting Brothers Read More »

  • CPotD #134: The Emperor’s New Groom (6/10/2020) - As some of you may know, Nutterbutter hates to be brushed, which is problematic seeing as how he’s old and exceedingly fluffy. However, we’ve found a solution: grooming gloves! He was suspicious at first, but once he realized he was just getting pets and his fur was softer, they were a huge hit. Here he …

    CPotD #134: The Emperor’s New Groom Read More »

  • CPotD #135: Guilt Trip (6/11/2020) - I had to run an errand this morning and, as always, Udo was completely beside himself when I came back. He calmed down after some love and crunchies, which is when he always busts out this face. I was gone for an hour, but you’d think I left him to fend for himself all summer. …

    CPotD #135: Guilt Trip Read More »

  • CPotD #136: Little Leopard (6/12/2020) - I’ve said for months that Oscar is part snow leopard because he also loves to pursue and chomp on his own tail. Just google “snow leopard tail nom” and you’ll see what I mean. He may only have one spot (on his cute little toe), but he is a champion tail nommer.
  • CPotD #137: Laundry Blockade (6/13/2020) - I walked into the bedroom to fold laundry this afternoon and was met with a blockade in my usual folding spot. Oscar woke up as I was taking the picture, of course, but it’s still sweet. Just ignore his “are you kidding me, ma?” expression. They were disinclined to move, but I don’t mind folding …

    CPotD #137: Laundry Blockade Read More »

  • CPotD #138: Happy Outtake (6/14/2020) - The zoomed-out shots of yesterday’s laundry blockade didn’t do justice to Stanley’s state of mind, so I went in for closeups. Look at that happy face. He was head-snugged into one of my pillows and Oscar, happily zonked out. He didn’t even twitch a whisker at me hovering around with the camera, which is unusual …

    CPotD #138: Happy Outtake Read More »

  • CPotD #139: Growth Spurt (6/15/2020) - Uh-oh, looks like someone is starting to outgrow his little wooden bed. Note the portion of booty hanging out the door. Not to worry, though! Oscar already kicks Udo out of his dog bed on the regular, and I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to outgrow that one. Fortunately, Udo is happy to share.
  • CPotD #140: Talk to the Toe (6/16/2020) - Oscar managed to steal the dog’s favorite rope toy and the sun patch this morning. He was obviously feeling imperious. Instead of a ring, he offers you his spotted toe to kiss. As you can see from the claw peeking out, doing so could be hazardous. I prefer to kiss his fuzzy little forehead.
  • CPotD #141: Floor Hound (6/17/2020) - Udo likes to help me take pictures of Oscar, especially when I’m in the floor getting closeups. He wasn’t expecting me to turn around and snap one of him. His surprised face is crazy cute, which is yet another reason he gets so many hugs on the daily.
  • CPotD #142: Phase Cat (6/18/2020) - Stanley goes through phases regarding his favorite spots to sleep. Sometimes the rooms change and sometimes the medium changes. Lately, he’s been infatuated with the bench for the dining room table. Despite its many battle scars from altercations with Oscar, the bench makes a comfortable nap spot. It also serves as a partial fort since …

    CPotD #142: Phase Cat Read More »

  • CPotD #143: Rainy Day Lunch (6/19/2020) - Oscar was crashed on the couch because it was dark and rainy during lunch today, but he woke up when Brian went to get a picture. He was obviously pleased about the pets he was going to receive for being so stinking cute. He’s even snugging one of his own whiskers that fell out who …

    CPotD #143: Rainy Day Lunch Read More »

  • CPotD #144: The Work Crew (6/20/2020) - I’ve been pulling mad overtime this week to hit a deadline and the cats are all in to help. They’ve been hanging out like this all day. Our cats are so supportive. From work to workouts, they’re always there for us and we love them for it.
  • CPotD #145: More Work (6/21/2020) - We’re on the home stretch today (hopefully), and the cats are back in action with me. Stanley has taken up residence on the console again, which seems to be a new favorite spot for him. Oscar and Nutterbutter are in their usual spots. Note the foot dangling above Stanley’s rump. Udo is also helping by …

    CPotD #145: More Work Read More »

  • CPotD #146: Sleepy Helper (6/22/2020) - Oscar is going through a back-of-the-chair phase lately. He likes to sleep between us or behind me on the back of the love seat. This shot is an example of his hybrid move, half on my side and half on the middle. I think he’s been learning from Stanley, who loves to park his front …

    CPotD #146: Sleepy Helper Read More »

  • CPotD #147: Morning Dog (6/23/2020) - Udo is always a happy guy in the morning. He wakes up ready to yodel and take on whatever the day brings, so he doesn’t understand why I usually don’t want to play tug of war before the sun comes up. That never stops him from asking, though. Hope springs eternal in the big heart …

    CPotD #147: Morning Dog Read More »

  • CPotD #148: Comfy Sulker (6/24/2020) - Udo does not approve of me working out in the morning, probably because it delays his daily crunchies. He always walks into the room with me, sees me set up to lift weights, and flounces back out in a huff. This is what I’m greeted with when I finish and come back to our bedroom …

    CPotD #148: Comfy Sulker Read More »

  • CPotD #149: So Alert (6/25/2020) - Udo helps me do the chores every morning, and for that he receives crunchies. He was extra cute today, so I told him he could have an extra crunchy if he posed for a picture. Just look at those ears. Bribery can be an effective tool.
  • CPotD #150: An Uneasy Truce (6/26/2020) - The sunshine was intermittent this morning, so competition for the bedroom sun patch was pretty fierce. They finally decided to share, but they weren’t thrilled about it. The peace lasted about three minutes before a wrestling match broke out and they both left in disgust. I’d say Stanley won the spot, though. He came back …

    CPotD #150: An Uneasy Truce Read More »

  • CPotD #151: Happy Thief (6/27/2020) - All three cats love to steal Brian’s chair, but I think Oscar loves it the most. Look at this happy little reprobate with his bunny feet and his fuzzy belly. It’s a wonder I ever get anything done with cuteness of this magnitude snoozing next to me every day.
  • CPotD #152: Murder Mitten (6/28/2020) - Brian likes to experiment with the macro mode on his phone, and he discovered that it’s great at capturing the majesty of Oscar’s murder mittens. He’s a very pointy little cat. I’m glad he’s also a very sweet little cat, because his mittens are serious business.
  • CPotD #153: Wait, What? (6/29/2020) - Oscar was whapping one of his mouse toys around this floor this morning, which gave me a great opportunity to get an action shot. I thought. Instead, I got this shot of him realizing I was in the floor and within head-booping distance. And here is what happened to my action shot immediately thereafter. Head-boops …

    CPotD #153: Wait, What? Read More »

  • CPotD #154: Inverted (6/30/2020) - If you’ve been around here much, you know that inverted is Oscar’s favorite way to sleep. You also know I can’t stop taking pictures of it because he’s so flipping cute. I would say he’s a happy, well-adjusted cat, but let’s be real. He’s a happy little psycho and I still love him utterly.

July, 2020

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  • CPotD #155: Blissful Sleep (7/1/2020) - Stanley is always cute when he sleeps, but he’s especially cute when he sleeps off his dinner. He was crashed out so hard he didn’t even twitch when the camera clicked. He looks like I feel when I get to sleep in.
  • CPotD #156: Blissful Creep (7/2/2020) - Stanley loves his hammock, affectionately known as the Cray Station. He’s had it since he was a baby, and he has thoroughly wrecked it, but that doesn’t stop him from relaxing in it every day. This is his favorite relaxed pose lately. Look at that happy face. He seems perfectly content to wedge himself into …

    CPotD #156: Blissful Creep Read More »

  • CPotD #157: Treats? (7/3/2020) - Brian is the best at getting great pictures out of Udo. We offered treats. He accepted. We had to deliver after capturing the massive cuteness that is this pose. Look at those ears, that face. How could we not give him extra crunchies?
  • CPotD #158: Spheres (7/4/2020) - The cats received toys from my mom and my sister for Christmas: two big honking bags of toys. So far, their favorites are the spheres. I can tell because they play with them like mad and then stash them for weeks, which is what they do with their favorite mousies. Stanley also likes to snuggle …

    CPotD #158: Spheres Read More »

  • CPotD #159: Cute and Fuzzy (7/5/2020) - Oscar has adopted another habit from his black and white predecessor, and he is devastatingly good at it. We call it The Cute and Fuzzy, also known as The Roll of Love. He’ll flop over on his back and wriggle cutely until I pet him. He never has to do it for long. I could …

    CPotD #159: Cute and Fuzzy Read More »

  • CPotD #160: More Cute and Fuzzy (7/6/2020) - Stanley had to demonstrate that he can also do The Cute and Fuzzy quite well, thank you very much. It is not reserved for cow kitties and tuxedos. Please provide one (1) belly rub on your way to the fridge to get him some cheese.
  • CPotD #161: Imperious (7/7/2020) - Stanley has zero qualms about letting us know he wants something. In this case, it was pets, but it’s often cheese. He’s a big fan of dairy products. He sounds just as imperious as he looks when he’s demanding things, but it’s an effective combination. He gets a lot of love and cheese.
  • CPotD #162: Sunbeam Cat (7/8/2020) - Oscar found a sunbeam that he doesn’t have to share with Stanley, and he’s quite content with it. He’d probably share it with me if I asked nicely. Maybe. I think he looks like a tiny, wise forest cat waiting to give you a quest.
  • CPotD #163: Snoozle (7/9/2020) - Nutterbutter is my stalwart work companion, spending most of every day snoozing in the love seat next to me. He took up his spot early this morning and didn’t mind me grabbing a pic. This was a preliminary snoozle. He sleeps best when he’s upside down on his face, but that usually happens on the …

    CPotD #163: Snoozle Read More »

  • CPotD #164: Light and Shadow (7/10/2020) - Stanley was busy sitting on the love seat with his feet in my cup holder, so Oscar got to hog the sunbeam today. His white tummy was practically incandescent. That look was for blocking his light while I put my slippers on before I took the pic. So rude.
  • CPotD #165: Regal Boy (7/11/2020) - Oscar has taken to sitting around with his paws crossed lately, and it’s so cute I’m undone. Look at this little guy. He’s so happy and regal. He was fuzzing at Brian for extra pets. This tactic is super effective.
  • CPotD #166: Scuffed Sunday (7/12/2020) - Sunday is generally our rest day to catch up on vegetating and other fun stuff we want to do, like baking. Brian has a couple of delicious sourdough projects going today. I’ve been helping him out and had to pause for an impromptu photo op with our older boys. These two generally avoid each other, …

    CPotD #166: Scuffed Sunday Read More »

  • CPotD #167: Urfy Monday (7/13/2020) - Brian took some portraits of our brood this weekend and got a wonderful black and white shot of the Great North American Majestic Urf-Urf. That face pops my heart. He’s spoiled absolutely rotten, but he’s such a love bug I can’t help it.
  • CPotD #168: King of the Curtains (7/14/2020) - I took down the curtains a while back to wash them and managed to put them all back except one, which Stanley claimed while I was hanging up the others. It is his new favorite thing to lay on, even above his beloved padded envelopes. You know what they say: happy house panther, happy life. …

    CPotD #168: King of the Curtains Read More »

  • CPotD #169: Tank Boys (7/15/2020) - And now for something completely different: our snails. We have two in our fish tank and they help Al the enormous plecostomus keep the algae in check. I named them Superman and Clark Kent because they’re never visible in the tank at the same time. These guys are our second round of snails. We had …

    CPotD #169: Tank Boys Read More »

  • CPotD #170: Tank Boys II (7/16/2020) - Yesterday’s post featured Clark. Here’s Superman trucking along the bottom of the tank to fulfill his sacred duty: fighting grime. Yes, I know that was awful. No, I’m not sorry. My posts, my insufferable humor!
  • CPotD #172: Regal Floof (7/17/2020) - Nutterbutter has been feeling extra feisty lately. He saunters about the house and demands food whenever he feels like it. Brian got a nice shot of him in his regal demand mode. I can hear him in my head. “Excuse you, peasant. I require filtered water and canned food. Hop to it.” I hop to …

    CPotD #172: Regal Floof Read More »

  • CPotD #173: Serious Face (7/18/2020) - Oscar takes bathing very seriously. He does not appreciate being interrupted and will mean-mug you for it. I think his mean mug is just as cute as his lovey face, but I’m thoroughly biased.
  • CPotD #174: Silly Putty (7/19/2020) - Oscar is unusually limber, even for a cat. He’s contorted into so many weird shapes it’s hard to remember them all, let alone photograph them. We’re pretty happy with this shot, though. He had been rampaging with his milk top in a little pile of dog hair after I had brushed Udo. If Oscar were …

    CPotD #174: Silly Putty Read More »

  • CPotD #175: Artful Stanley (7/20/2020) - Stanley loves to help us cook. Aside from the interesting processes to observe, there might be cheese. We all know how he feels about cheese. Brian got a nice black and white shot of him watching me make dinner and keeping an eye on the fridge. He’s an affectionate house panther, but he’s serious in …

    CPotD #175: Artful Stanley Read More »

  • CPotD #176: Tuckered (7/21/2020) - We often use parchment paper in our baking projects. Stanley and Oscar approve of this because they’re big fans of paper. Well, destroying paper. Oscar will wear himself completely out in the process. This particular scrap ended up in many pieces, but it was a multi-nap endeavor.
  • CPotD #177: How Dare You (7/22/2020) - Brian went in to get a closeup action shot of Oscar rolling cutely in a pile of Udo’s brushed hair. Oscar noticed. I love the cocked ear and indignant squint. This is the same face he gives the zebra mouse toy before he murders it. How dare we, indeed.
  • CPotD #178: Trapped (7/23/2020) - Sometimes Oscar likes to flex his influence by proving how completely smitten I am. He doesn’t snuggle on the footrest very often, so he knows I won’t move when he does. I was trapped like this for two hours. Look at that angelic face. How could I possibly make him get up before he’s ready?
  • CPotD #179: No Trust (7/24/2020) - Udo gets a pair of little rawhide treats every morning when I sit down to work. When I decided to document it this morning, he thought I was going to take them back. This face says it all. He loves me, but when it comes to treats, he trusts no one.
  • CPotD #180: Guardian of the Spring (7/25/2020) - Stanley has had a spring toy since he was a kitten. He doesn’t play with it as often anymore, but he still has one and he’s rather protective of it. If you’re wondering why, it’s because this is his third spring. Udo chewed up the other two in wild fits of derpery and we had …

    CPotD #180: Guardian of the Spring Read More »

  • CPotD #181: Beautiful Void (7/26/2020) - Black cats can be difficult to photograph, especially when they’re glossy oil spills like Stanley. Brian got this fantastic shot of him inquiring about the availability of cheese at breakfast. He’s so sleek and inky, like the void personified. I think this is the best picture of him we’ve gotten and I love it.
  • CPotD #182: Brick House (7/27/2020) - On this episode of Stanley is Weird, we can see his latest spot to relax. He was giving me the stink eye for not providing dinner at his earliest convenience. None of the cats has ever been inclined to lay on the bricks before, so this is definitely a new one. It has been hot …

    CPotD #182: Brick House Read More »

  • CPotD #183: Head Gut (7/28/2020) - Nutterbutter likes to snug every morning while we have our coffee. He often performs a maneuver we call a “headgut” (rather than headbutt) and it never fails to melt my heart. Not shown is his front leg hugging my hip. Nutter is contrary and grumpy in his old age, but he’s still pretty dang affectionate.
  • CPotD #184: Bonus Snugs (7/29/2020) - Strong Independent Kitten graced me with a rare post-dinner snug last night and it made my heart happy. It also made me stay up too late because how could I make him move? In this house, when a cute cat wants to snug, you snug.
  • CPotD #185: Soft and Judgey (7/30/2020) - Oscar likes to judge us from the counter when we aren't providing pets in a timely manner. He gets extra judgey when I take pictures instead of providing said pets.
  • CPotD #186: Just Fluffy Things (7/31/2020) - I had an interview yesterday and was gone for a couple of hours. I returned to a frantic dog and a trio of indifferent cats. Nutterbutter was unimpressed, as usual.

August, 2020

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  • CPotD #187: Table Fort (8/1/2020) - I haven’t put away the gear we took out for our comet-viewing expedition last week. That’s okay, because Stanley has taken the opportunity to turn it into his latest table fort. He looks pretty happy with it. Temporary gear wall plus padded envelopes equals satisfied house panther.
  • CPotD #188: Quiet (8/2/2020) - Oscar is unimpressed with the vacuum cleaner (aka the Hate Machine) and doesn't mind telling me so with a classic stink eye. I turned around to this face after putting it back in the closet.
  • CPotD #189: Diet Helper (8/3/2020) - Oscar has resumed post-dinner snugs lately, which really helps me with my diet. Having him park cutely on my footrest prevents me from getting up to procure unnecessary snacks. He’s a good cat when he’s not hassling his older brothers or hip-checking the dog. I sure enjoy the snugs.
  • CPotD #190: Looming Grooming (8/4/2020) - Udo is not a fan of the biweekly bath experience, but he loves being clean and getting brushed. He also loves going to Brian for comfort while mean old mom brushes his fluffy rear. He couldn’t be any sweeter if he tried.
  • CPotD #191: Zonked (8/5/2020) - Oscar tends to sleep pretty hard, especially when he’s snugging. For some reason this often entails a modified faceplant, as shown below. I’ve seen cats sleep on their faces with their foreheads flat against the surface (Nutterbutter does that), but I’ve never seen one sleep on his nose until Oscar. He is… unique.
  • CPotD #192: So Boopable (8/6/2020) - Udo has the most boopable snoot I’ve ever seen on a dog and now I have photographic proof. Brian took this wondrous shot on bath day. Look at that face! He’s the sweetest, fuzziest, boopiest dog ever.
  • CPotD #193: Pushy (8/7/2020) - Nutterbutter doesn’t always want to snuggle, but when he does, he doesn’t care if you do too. He’s coming over and you will hold him one way or another. He’s even gotten cuter with age, so he’s a hard floof to resist.
  • CPotD #194: Impromptu Pillow (8/8/2020) - Oscar will use almost anything for a pillow, but he prefers our body parts. He doesn’t care which body parts, either. I’ve tested it and he absolutely will go to sleep on your hand if you leave it under his chin for more than 30 seconds. What a little snugadon.
  • CPotD #195: Nap King (8/9/2020) - Unlike Oscar, Nutterbutter is a little more selective about where he'll sleep. He's into hidden forts these days, but he'll occasionally opt for a more sunny spot. Brian got this nice shot of him enjoying the afternoon light on the back of the couch.
  • CPotD #196: Sunday Food Day (8/10/2020) - Udo loves Sundays. We don’t run the hate machines and we do have breakfast, and he’s a big fan of Sunday breakfast. I call this pic “Son of Bacon Face” because it’s his other go-to when he’s requesting a sample of our food. Like Bacon Face, it is highly effective.
  • CPotD #197: Awww Yisss (8/11/2020) - Brian went around the house taking pictures the other day. He got portraits of all the beasts, including an excellent shot of Stanley looking smug on his mailing envelopes. If you ask Stanley what is best in life, those envelopes would probably be in his top three picks.
  • CPotD #198: Hopeful (8/12/2020) - Udo knows when it’s snack time and when it isn’t, but he’s always hopeful for one of us to break out the pretzel bag. This is his Here to Help face. He’s such a supportive hound.
  • CPotD #199: Faceplant (8/13/2020) - Nutterbutter has been extra snuggy lately, which means I get treated to more quality faceplant snugs. Nobody faceplants quite like Nutterbutter. He’s had a gift for that mode of sleeping since he was a kitten. I’m not sure if it’s genetics or his barn cat roots, but he’s definitely a champion.
  • CPotD #200: Snack Dog (8/14/2020) - Udo is happy to try everything we eat. Sometimes he’s a little pushy about it. Saying no to that face is difficult, so he gets way more crackers than he probably should.
  • CPotD #201: Face Holder (8/15/2020) - Nutterbutter has become quite the contrarian as he's aged. Lately, he likes to pretend he wants snugs and then flop down on the console between us. I get the feeling he thinks it inconveniences us and that makes him happy.
  • CPotD #202: Snooze Day (8/16/2020) - Many of Stanley’s afternoon snoozes are spent on the back of the couch. Here he can also catch some rays and snug a curtain. This is a happy face if I’ve ever seen one. I might be a little biased, but I think he’s the most photogenic house panther I’ve ever seen.
  • CPotD #203: Sleepy Grump (8/17/2020) - Oscar loves to sleep. He does not love to be disturbed unless it’s for affection. In his expert opinion, pictures do not count as affection.
  • CPotD #204: Busted (8/18/2020) - Stanley isn't hugely concerned with dignity, but sometimes he likes to sit in weird spots without being hassled. He found a new weird spot this morning and he did get hassled. How could I not get a picture of this?
  • CPotD #205: Old Judge (8/19/2020) - Nutterbutter no longer has any teeth, but that doesn’t stop him from shoveling kibble into his maw. It also doesn’t stop him from judging the quality of said kibble. While he’s never been super picky, he does like to let us know he thinks the kibble needs an upgrade. Preferably gravy.
  • CPotD #206: Daydreaming (8/20/2020) - Stanley is back with his head in the curtains. He was completely passed out when Brian took this picture, which is how we got away with it. You know your cats are happy when they sleep this hard.
  • CPotD #207: Hungry Grump (8/21/2020) - Nutterbutter and I share a lot of characteristics. We’re both fuzzy, grumpy, and constantly hungry. He likes to sit on the counter to remind me of the latter. This is the face I get when I don’t provide food fast enough. At least it’s a super cute face.
  • CPotD #208: Zero Dignity (8/22/2020) - I walked into the living room to find Stanley enjoying his afternoon Nap of Zero Dignity. It looks like he had been playing with the burlap mousie and just passed out while doing a barrel roll.
  • CPotD #209: Bench Boy (8/23/2020) - Stanley has also been spending more time on his bench lately. It’s a great spot for mid-morning naps because he gets some nice light and Oscar forgets to look for him under the table. You know it’s a good sleep when you have random limbs hanging off the surface.
  • CPotD #210: More Dinner Snugs (8/24/2020) - Oscar likes to steal my chair before dinner. Most of the time I pick him up, set him in my lap, and he goes to sleep while I eat. Then he contorts into a ridiculous sleeping pose after dinner.
  • CPotD #211: Elusive Snugs (8/25/2020) - Brian got a rare Stanley footrest snug the other night. These don’t happen often during the summer, so we had to document it. Stanley snugs are magical. If you feel bad, he makes you feel better. If you feel good, he makes you feel even better. He’s a great cat.
  • CPotD #212: Not-So Elusive Snugs (8/26/2020) - Oscar is definitely in an evening snug phase and I’m definitely happy about it. His bottomless affection is a balm for my soul these days. Stanley later joined in when I had a fleece throw on my lap. We should get a lot of happy cuddle puddles this fall.
  • CPotD #213: Moth Alert (8/27/2020) - Oscar decided to wash his tail during our snug last night, which caused him to sit like this. Then he spotted a moth on the ceiling.
  • CPotD #214: Pure Love (8/28/2020) - I got cold the other night and had to put on a hoodie. Oscar immediately jumped into my lap to help. His warming snugs are just legendary.
  • CPotD #215: Teefies (8/29/2020) - Oscar stole Brian's chair last night while I was VR boxing to keep me company. He quickly got bored and passed out, revealing tiny teefies.
  • CPotD #216: Gym Dog (8/30/2020) - Udo has a complicated relationship with my workouts. He finds them dead boring, but he wants to keep me company. He's a big sweetie boy.
  • CPotD #217: Ready for Supper (8/31/2020) - Udo is very good about letting me know when it's time for his supper. He's not subtle, but he is polite. His ready for supper face is cutest.

September, 2020

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  • CPotD #218: Power Cage Kitty (9/1/2020) - Oscar is obsessed with my power cage. He fangwipes the safety bars, the barbell, the plates, and my ankles. This happens every day.
  • CPotD #219: Ruler of the House (9/2/2020) - Stanley knows he's in charge around here. No creature could sleep like this in the middle of the dining room floor if they weren't.
  • CPotD #220: Fort Nutterbutter (9/3/2020) - Nutterbutter likes to cycle through sleeping spots during the day and create his own forts. He's come back to the dining room this week.
  • CPotD #221: Triumvirate (9/4/2020) - I was attempting to get a picture of Stanley in his latest fort under the dining room table. Oscar had to assist because I was in the floor.
  • CPotD #222: Yes? (9/5/2020) - Oscar was busy cleaning his tail in my lap last night while Brian was testing the camera on my new phone. How dare we interrupt his bathing.
  • CPotD #223: Why, Though? (9/6/2020) - We stayed up super late last night because we had a lot of housework to do. Udo was not thrilled about it. He maintains old folk hours.
  • CPotD #224: Focus (9/7/2020) - Udo is always ready to help us in case we have too much food. He'll eat almost anything we do, except carrots, but he loves pretzels.
  • CPotD #225: So Relaxed (9/8/2020) - Stanley was at it again, this time with secret bonus stink eye. I know I can't sneak up on him, but sometimes he lets me get a shot of cute.
  • CPotD #226: Guardians (9/9/2020) - Udo has had help guarding the door since we got Oscar. They were in position this morning after chores were done, so I went in for a picture.
  • CPotD #227: Sneaky Drink (9/10/2020) - We took Udo and the kayaks out for a spin this last weekend. The weather was gorgeous, the water was calm, and the dog was a ninny.
  • CPotD #228: Sharing (9/11/2020) - Stanley has taken to spending the evening on Brian's footrest, starting with dinner. He likes to help Brian eat by gently offering to share.
  • CPotD #229: Such Grace (9/12/2020) - Oscar enjoys sitting like a weirdo. Lately, he's been going at it with extra gusto. Behold this recent dinner snug.
  • CPotD #230: Night Fort (9/13/2020) - Stanley has discovered a new night fort: our blanket cabinet. Brian was looking for him the other night before bed and found him hiding here.
  • CPotD #231: Day Fort (9/14/2020) - And here we see the daytime occupying force, Nutterbutter. He surprised us with this move because he isn't as prone to climb in his old age.
  • CPotD #232: Proper Gentleman (9/15/2020) - Oscar decided to show us his best school picture pose the other night. Look at that little face, those immaculate whiskers. He's so proper!
  • CPotD #233: Coach Cutie (9/16/2020) - Nutterbutter has been cruising about the house a lot lately, which means he's helping me work out more than usual. What a strength display!
  • CPotD #234: Adorable Void (9/17/2020) - As the weather cools off, the cats get snuggier. Stanley continues to spend every evening on Brian's foot rest and just keeps getting cuter.
  • CPotD #235: Really, Woman? (9/18/2020) - Udo gets tired of being a model, especially when I'm in the floor chittering at him so his ears will perk up. He was over it this morning.
  • CPotD #236: Helpful Panther (9/19/2020) - Stanley has been in full-on Office Manager mode this week. He follows me from room to room supervising all of my tasks.
  • CPotD #237: Yard Helper (9/20/2020) - Udo loves to help us with yardwork. He stays near no matter what task we're doing, but his favorite part is when we stop for water breaks.
  • CPotD #238: Snuggle Mittens (9/21/2020) - Oscar is celebrating the cooler weather with extra snuggles. He spreads them around throughout the day, but most occur after dinner.
  • CPotD #239: Bed Season (9/22/2020) - Bed Season has officially begun! Here Oscar demonstrates the best crash position for the heated bed. He's the ultimate sleep champion.
  • CPotD #240: Patience Limited (9/23/2020) - Stanley doesn't have a ton of patience anyway, but he especially lacks it once he's decided it's time for dinner. What a quality stink eye.
  • CPotD #241: Cleaning Helper (9/24/2020) - Oscar likes to supervise whatever I'm doing when he's not in Strong Independent Kitten mode. This week, we're focused on evening cleaning.
  • CPotD #242: Grumpelstiltskin (9/25/2020) - Nutterbutter has two favorite spots right now: my chair (freshly stolen, of course) and the top of the recliner. Relocation makes him grumpy.
  • CPotD #243: The Bower (9/26/2020) - Stanley likes to wrap himself up in the curtain while he's enjoying his afternoon sun time. He looks like a medieval feline lying in a bower.
  • CPotD #244: Snugglebuddy (9/27/2020) - We've been working hard this week on our Fall cleaning routine, so we've needed the occasional nap. Oscar is quite happy to help with naps.
  • CPotD #245: So Clean (9/28/2020) - Udo had his bath this week and met it with the usual enthusiasm: none. He loves being clean and damp, but he hates being washed. It's tough.
  • CPotD #246: Fuzzy Critics (9/29/2020) - The cats like to have their dinner in the middle of the afternoon. If I don't provide soon, they insert themselves into whatever I'm doing.
  • CPotD #247: Closeup (9/30/2020) - Nutterbutter has hit full snug mode early this year. The latest cold front might have something to do with this timing, but I'm good with it.

October, 2020

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  • CPotD #248: Three-Pack (10/1/2020) - Cooler nights bring more snugs for Oscar and Stanley, but it's a rare day when they decide to hang out with Nutterbutter. Pics are required!
  • CPotD #249: Clean Beans (10/2/2020) - Oscar gifted me with a rare morning shin snug after I ran errands yesterday. Apparently, my legs are a good platform for washing toe beans.
  • CPotD #250: Rewarded (10/3/2020) - Udo and I went for a walk this morning to enjoy the cool weather and blue skies. He received his standard reward for being a Very Good Boy.
  • CPotD #251: Morning Snugs (10/4/2020) - Nutterbutter has been enjoying morning snugs more than usual since the weather cooled off. He gets extra points when he can pin my hand.
  • CPotD #252: Writing Assistant (10/5/2020) - I spent the weekend doing housework, baking, and developing a cool writing assignment for a very cool job possibility. Nutterbutter helped.
  • CPotD #253: Lifting Judge (10/6/2020) - Oscar loves to help me do my weight training, and by help I mean judge. Here he is in the window making sure I get to full depth on squats.
  • CPotD #254: Bench Cat (10/7/2020) - Stanley likes to nap on the dining table bench again since we've moved everything back toward the window. I tried to get a sleeping shot. Ha.
  • CPotD #255: Adorable Thief (10/8/2020) - Nutterbutter makes it difficult to take my chair back when he claims it like this. He knows he can keep the spot longer when he's extra cute.
  • CPotD #256: Sleeping Conqueror (10/9/2020) - Stanley often spends the morning on our bed snugging my body pillow. This morning, he did so after murdering the hammock scratching post.
  • CPotD #257: Nope (10/10/2020) - Stanley claimed my chair while Udo and I were out for our walk this morning. When I asked him if I could have it back, this was his answer.
  • CPotD #258: Pick Me Up (10/11/2020) - Oscar loves it when I pick him up and carry him around. He requests it often, usually at inopportune moments. This is his ready face.
  • CPotD #259: Spiderbro (10/12/2020) - Yesterday was yardwork day! Brian had to pause while mowing the lawn to take some pictures of this little guy, who is a welcome denizen.
  • CPotD #260: Mom Parkour (10/13/2020) - As I mentioned the other day, Oscar likes to do parkour to get into my arms as quickly as possible. I finally got a shot of him doing so.
  • CPotD #261: The Elder Judge (10/14/2020) - Stanley doesn't hop up on the Partition of Judging as often as Oscar does these days, but he made an exception for me today. So benevolent.
  • CPotD #262: Our Towel (10/15/2020) - I made the mistake of leaving a towel in Brian's chair for a minute. Stanley and Oscar took up residence before I could blink twice.
  • CPotD #263: Little Guardian (10/16/2020) - Nutterbutter had his annual buzz cut this week, which means he'll be cold for a little while. Oscar is guarding him in his blanket fort.
  • CPotD #264: Big Guardian (10/17/2020) - I've been working at the dining room table this week because the light is nice there. Udo thinks this is a load of malarkey.
  • CPotD #265: Sun Kitten (10/18/2020) - Brian took a fantastic shot of Oscar hanging out in his favorite afternoon sun spot yesterday. He and Stanley have claimed my ivy plant.
  • CPotD #266: Asleep on the Job (10/19/2020) - Oscar guards Nutterbutter often, especially after Nutter has had a haircut. I find it endearing, but he fell asleep on the job last night.
  • CPotD #267: Truck Face (10/20/2020) - We talked about big life changes the other night, and Udo decided we must be talking about going for a ride. This is his hopeful Truck Face.
  • CPotD #268: Sleeping Weather (10/21/2020) - It's overcast and chilly these days, which means prime sleeping weather. Nutterbutter is making the most of it in his heated blanket fort.
  • CPotD #269: Lake Dog (10/22/2020) - We drove out to the lake last weekend to clear our heads and enjoy the weather. Udo cruised right into the water to wade around, as one does.
  • CPotD #270: Tap Tag (10/23/2020) - We put the small cat carrier on the couch to get the feline trio used to its presence. As you can see, the experiment was a success.
  • CPotD #271: Tap Tag 2 (10/24/2020) - I considered changing the title of this post to Whap, because that's what occurred. Nutterbutter hits so hard his taps sound like whaps.
  • CPotD #272: Tap Tag 3 (10/25/2020) - As we left off yesterday, a fierce tap battle rocked the cat carrier. Nutterbutter smacked the snot out of Oscar, resulting in this face.
  • CPotD #273: Tech Support (10/26/2020) - We're organizing the house lately, and Stanley has graciously offered to be tech support. Look at those massive paws.
  • CPotD #274: What (10/27/2020) - Oscar continues to chomp his tail, and he often does it in super interesting positions. We particularly love this one.
  • CPotD #275: Investigator (10/28/2020) - We got to spend some time with my folks and their two dogs last weekend. Nutterbutter appointed himself Lead Investigator after we returned.
  • CPotD #276: Bad Weather Snugs (10/29/2020) - The weather turned janky on us this week, breaking our tree limbs and knocking out the power for hours. Fortunately, our cats like to help.
  • CPotD #277: Cool Routine (10/30/2020) - Oscar sleeps wherever he pleases during the day, but he usually follows a routine for a few weeks. He's returned my legs to his latest round.
  • CPotD #278: Snug Crasher (10/31/2020) - Brian and I enjoy an evening snug most days after work. Yesterday, Oscar crashed it with his usual flair. He then went to sleep like this.

November, 2020

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  • CPotD #279: He’s Out (11/1/2020) - Oscar was being ridiculous again last night after dinner. He was out so hard he didn't even twitch when I took the picture in Night Mode.
  • CPotD #280: Business as Abnormal (11/2/2020) - Life got weird yesterday for the menagerie as beloved Mom flew the coop to head west, in search of fame and fortune.
  • CPotD #281: Mourning in OK (11/3/2020) - After we'd been home from the airport for several hours, Udo began to realize the grim truth: Mom Isn't Coming Right Back. He went into full mourning and hid in the bedroom.
  • CPotD #282: Attention, Minion! (11/4/2020) - There I was, minding my own business as I cooked up a batch of rice and broccoli. Suddenly, the most godawful squealing and squalling erupted from the love seat.
  • CPotD #283: Am I a Joke to You? (11/5/2020) - One of the most egregious crimes about Mom being gone is that there's no one home at 3:45. That means there's no one to glare at to initiate the 4:00 can-opening ritual. By the time I get home at 5:15, everyone is PISSED.
  • CPotD #284: Unabashed Affection (11/6/2020) - Oscar does everything at 150%. After Mom left, he leaned hard into Dad to get his daily affection. When he gets really going, all the fur on his body puffs out like he's scared, but he's just so worked up even his skin gets lovy.
  • CPotD #285: Feeling His Oats (11/7/2020) - The Dog has been in mourning ever since Mom left, but he has finally begun to realize that living with Dad isn't all that bad. I came home yesterday and fed the cats, only to be greeted by this thing with his rawhide bone in his mouth.
  • CPotD #286: Meow-Fu (11/8/2020) - I sat down on the foot of the bed to get my shoes and socks on. Suddenly, I heard a very Bruce-Lee sounding squeal, followed by the unmistakable sound of a big paw forcefully thumping into something.
  • CPotD #287: Kewpmon-Ra (11/9/2020) - One of a Cat's most sacred duties is being radioactive and god-like. Kewpie takes his duties very seriously, so we often find him absorbing radiation, like this:
  • CPotD #288: Imagine a World (11/10/2020) - Imagine a world where a man is watching Twitch. Imagine the man has snackies. Imagine a world where that man doesn't share quick enough with the dog. This is Udo's World.
  • CPotD #289: Taste My Distaste (11/11/2020) - Stanley is like all cats: he likes routine. His routine has been disrupted by Mom's Adventure. When I come home from work, I often find him "seasoning" the cutting board to express his distaste.
  • CPotD #290: Comfort Tail (11/12/2020) - Oscar loves to chew on his tail. It's one of his coping mechanisms. After Mom's been gone for nearly two weeks, he just couldn't take it any more:
  • CPotD #291: I Miss Mom (11/13/2020) - What happens when you don't wear headphones and the menagerie can hear Mom's voice over the speakers? I learned my lesson.
  • CPotD #292: MOM’S HOME! (11/14/2020) - There are birds back in the tree probably, so there's your critter. I don't freaking care. MY GIRL IS HOME AGAIN.
  • CPotD #293: One More Time! (11/15/2020) - I was tooling around this morning and I heard H squeak from the bathroom: "he biggest goddamn spider in the world just came to say hi!"
  • CPotD #294: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (11/16/2020) - The Cat spent yesterday doing chores, cleaning up the filthy house, which had devolved into a place Shrek would have been happy to call home while she was away.
  • CPotD #295: Snuggy Boys (11/17/2020) - Today, the Cat returns to her routine and the house echoes with glee! While I was away, the boys became the ultimate cuddle puddle.
  • CPotD #296: The Cannon (11/18/2020) - Every once in a while, we order something that comes in a pretty large box. For reasons only obvious to us, we call these boxes Cat Cannons.
  • CPotD #297: Stretch Snugs (11/19/2020) - Our post-dinner snugs grow more interesting as the weather gets colder. Nutterbutter spends more time on my lap, which Oscar usually hogs.
  • CPotD #298: Bird Brothers (11/20/2020) - Stanley and Oscar take their birdwatching duties very seriously. They appear at the window each morning as we put on our shoes and guard us.
  • CPotD #299: The Big Fuzzy Slug (11/21/2020) - Stanley claimed a modified fort beneath the dining room table. He likes this spot because it offers partial protection and partial sunbeam.
  • CPotD #300: The Bigger Fuzzy Slug (11/22/2020) - As promised, I present to you Udo: The Bigger Fuzzy Slug. With Stanley, he keeps me company while I work, but they don't stay awake for it.
  • CPotD #301: Cuddle Puddle Progress (11/23/2020) - Oscar loves Nutterbutter and he has since we brought him home. This weekend, they started actively snuggling. They are now a cuddle puddle.
  • CPotD #302: Supreme Sunday Cuddle Puddle (11/24/2020) - We worked our butts off on Saturday, including putting up the Christmas tree, so we took it easy on Sunday. The cats also took it easy.
  • CPotD #303: Best Brother (11/25/2020) - While Oscar loves Nutterbutter and Udo, he loves Stanley best. He seeks Stanley out for play, harassment, snugging, and general mayhem.
  • CPotD #304: Thankful in 2020 (11/26/2020) - Stanley is very thankful, as he spied with his beady eyes, a plate full of chicken with all the fixin's...
  • CPotD #305: Thieves in 2020 (11/27/2020) - We made it ten minutes into our Thanksgiving dinner before the felines just couldn't take it anymore and cuted their way into the action.
  • CPotD #306: Furry Little Dickhead (11/28/2020) - Oscar has no respect for elders, brothers, or canines. All that matters to him is whatever thought last crawled through his moldy bungus of a brain.
  • CPotD #307: Softpaw Pupper (11/29/2020) - Mr. Bear hurt his foot and took advantage of his treatment and discomfort to sneak onto a forbidden place.
  • CPotD #308: Tree Guardian (11/30/2020) - We put our Christmas tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving because we could and we wanted to. Clearly, Stanley agrees with this decision.

December, 2020

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  • CPotD #309: Sun Guardian (12/1/2020) - While Stanley guards the tree, Nutterbutter guards the afternoon sun beam shining in from the front door. Occasionally, he even shares it.
  • CPotD #310: Laika (Flashback) (12/2/2020) - Laika was a vigorous bouncer; she'd hop straight up in joy when you had a toy and were about to throw it. Even as an old lady, she'd bounce.
  • CPotD #311: Christmas Sunshine (12/3/2020) - Oscar loves the Christmas tree and he loves sunbeams. He also loves to combine those two things, and he does so every chance he gets.
  • CPotD #312: Oscarian Outtakes (12/4/2020) - All photo sessions produce outtakes. In this house, Oscar is usually the source of those outtakes. He has a divine gift for photobombing.
  • CPotD #313: Dramatic Sleeper (12/5/2020) - Oscar sleeps in the most dramatic poses I've ever seen from any animal, let alone a cat. Even when he passes out, he's all in.
  • CPotD #314: The Gift (12/6/2020) - Stanley likes to keep an eye on me while I work, and lately he's been doing so near the Christmas tree. I often find him under it like a gift.
  • CPotD #315: The Supervisor (12/7/2020) - Nutterbutter loves to be held these days, and it really doesn't matter what I'm doing when he decides to barge onto my lap. He's a bit pushy.
  • CPotD #316: Tail Snooze (12/8/2020) - Oscar crashes at the drop of a hat. This morning, he fell asleep in the middle of cleaning his tail and I walked in to see this.
  • CPotD #317: Sunbeam Boys (12/9/2020) - Stanley and Oscar enjoy me working at the dining room table these days because they hang out near me, menace the tree, and photosynthesize.
  • CPotD #318: Cuddle Puddle Thievery (12/10/2020) - We usually TV after dinner, and I usually have a lap full of assorted felines. This is what happens when I have to get up. Thievery.
  • CPotD #319: Bribery Bear (12/11/2020) - Udo, aka Mr. Bear, loves his chicken-flavored treats. We call them crunchies, and crunchies is his favorite word. They are a great motivator.
  • CPotD #320: Imperial Sun Stout (12/12/2020) - Stanley took up his sunbeam position early this morning, which gave me a great opportunity to capture his magnificence on film, so to speak.
  • CPotD #321: The Spirit of Snugs (12/13/2020) - I don't know if it's the Christmas spirit or my guys are just getting used to each other at last, but they are snugging so much lately.
  • CPotD #322: The Spirit of Snugs Part 2 (12/14/2020) - I changed angles to get this shot, which follows yesterday's. Nutterbutter and Stanley were both over my interference, but they didn't move.
  • CPotD #323: The Spirit of Snugs Part 3 (12/15/2020) - Oscar does what Oscar wants, and what Oscar wants is to horn in on any photo opportunity that doesn't include him. He always teleports in.
  • CPotD #324: Selective Hearing (12/16/2020) - Mr. Bear is blowing his coat in preparation for winter, so I'm brushing him a lot lately, and the house always looks like a hairnado hit it.
  • CPotD #325: Nightly Puddle (12/17/2020) - Something flipped the cuddle switch in our cats. I don't know what it was, but I'm enjoying the results. I'm finally warm in the evenings!
  • CPotD #326: Portrait of a Lap Dog (12/18/2020) - My new job involves a lot of hours, especially at the start, which has resulted in fewer walks and snugs. Mr. Bear dislikes, but he forgives.
  • CPotD #327: Recuperation Kitten (12/19/2020) - Oscar and Stanley visited the vet earlier this week to get their pre-move vaccinations. Poor Oscar always gets hit hard by the side effects.
  • CPotD #328: Lord Stanley (12/20/2020) - Stanley was also a bit under the weather after his vaccinations, but he bounced back quickly. This morning he supervised while I brushed Udo.
  • CPotD #329: We’re Closed (12/21/2020) - Nutterbutter is over our BS. Today he stole my chair, turned his back on everyone, and went to sleep. This is his We're Closed sign.
  • CPotD #330: Winter Dinner Snugs (12/22/2020) - We've been working our butts off getting the house ready to sell, so we don't sit as much as we used to. The cats object to this.
  • CPotD #331: Dignity (12/23/2020) - Stanley displays a lot of dignity. Usually. He's a regal panther and he knows he commands his domain, so he lets it all hang out.
  • CPotD #332: Fuzzy Wrappers (12/24/2020) - I always have lots of feline help when I wrap gifts. Stanley prioritizes boxes and wrapping paper over any toy in existence, so he's all in.
  • CPotD #333: Christmas Kitten (12/25/2020) - Oscar grew a lot this past year, both in weight and in learning how to cat. He turned out to be a weird cat, but he's sure the sweetest.
  • CPotD #334: Gift Guardian (12/26/2020) - As much as he loves helping me wrap gifts, Stanley also loves guarding them. He kicked Oscar out from under the tree and took over.
  • CPotD #335: Christmas Outtake (12/27/2020) - While generally not as snuggly as Oscar, Stanley is just as affectionate. He often flops in the floor and yells at me until I rub his belly.
  • CPotD #336: Holiday Burrito (12/28/2020) - Brian bought me a burrito blanket for Christmas this year, and I love it. I wanted one since I first saw them and it is everything I hoped.
  • CPotD #337: Fuzzy Lima Bean (12/29/2020) - Oscar excels at weird sleep positions, and last night he added the Lima Bean pose to his repertoire. He comes up with new ways to be weird.
  • CPotD #338: Grumpy Relocation (12/30/2020) - Nutterbutter loves to steal my chair. He lives in it while I'm elsewhere, but he relocates to the recliner when it's time for dinner.
  • CPotD #339: Mail Inspection (12/31/2020) - This week, Brian received a gift from a friend in an online community we love. The box had seen better days and required feline inspection.

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