It’s Us on Social Media!

You’re feeling social? Chances are we’re feeling introverted, but here are links to the various social media platforms we use.

By far the best way to get in touch with us is via email, or commenting on this website. Our presence on various platforms waxes and wanes with our moods, but we’re both on Orks and Cats several times a day.

If you’re all nice to me, I’ll make a Discord server and link it here so we can all chat and share stupid memes and then forget there’s a dusty old web server in a closet, waiting to share old kitten pictures to the world.

The Ork

  • The Ork on Facebook The Ork deleted his Facebook account. Here’s why.
  • The Ork uses Mastodon. The Ork is on Mastdodon because he likes open source and federated software. It’s nicer than Twitter.
  • The Ork deleted his Twitter account The Ork has deleted his Twitter account for the second time (first in 2016, then he came back in 2020, and deleted again in 2022. Fascism and open discrimination against LGBTQ folks by the owner is a hard “no.”
  • The Ork’s Twitch Account (Currently he’s not streaming regularly, but that’ll pick up again.)
  • The Ork’s Email:
  • Signal: His most preferred chat method. Email him to connect.
  • Text: Email him to get in touch.
  • Whatsapp: Christ, stop using Facebook owned properties!
  • Telegram: Email him to get in touch.
  • The Ork’s Public PGP key is here (link coming soon.)
  • The Ork on Google+Google+ is no more.

The Cat

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