Still Alive; Stay Tuned!

Yeah, I know, we kind of just stopped posting. Many things have been afoot in the Orks/Cats household. There’s no need to go crazy with details, but here’s the short version.

The owners of our home decided to sell and asked if we would like to buy it. They set a price and some conditions. We discussed it with the property manager, consulted with a realtor, and did a lot of discussing between us. There’s a lot of story here, but in the end, we decided that we would look elsewhere. This home is great and we’re happy here, but this is a chance to find the perfect place.

We started looking into the insanity that are greater Los Angeles’ pornographically overpriced housing markets. One place we looked at ended up going for nearly a million dollars for 1000 square feet. It hadn’t been updated since 1950 (literally) and hadn’t been maintained in 15-20 years. Don’t get me started on just how bad this is for young people trying to get into home ownership, and frankly, for the country as a whole. That’s a whole novel’s worth of posts.

So. Thus began 2 weeks of no sleep as we started figuring out what exactly what we could afford and where we should look. We’d kept the proceeds from our previous home’s sale for this kind of contingency as well as a decently sized “oh SHIT!” fund, and that helped a lot. We looked around and found a place we both like, at a price we can afford, in an area we like.

We put in a reasonable offer. The sellers accepted a few hours later. We should close in two weeks, if nothing pops up during the process. There are a couple of minor projects we need to knock out, then we’ll be ready to move in. (Nothing major; think painting or replacing a carpet, that kind of stuff.)

So.. we’re moving. AGAIN! We’re too old for this shit.

We’re going to be back here and updating more regularly once life settles back down, but for the next couple of months, there may not be a lot here. Hang tight, and we’ll resume as soon as we’re able. In the mean time, wish us luck!

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