Moving Time: Going Offline, Back Soon

It’s moving time, and do you know what that means? is going offline tomorrow evening! After a long winter of preparation, we’re packing everything today, and loading into the moving truck tomorrow. The actual server and our network equipment will be the last thing I tear down tomorrow evening, since we’re taking it ourselves.

Tomorrow we’ll head west to our new home in the Golden State. We should get there in a few days, weather permitting. Of course, we had to pick the coldest day in a couple of decades to begin a cross-country adventure, so it may take longer. Just going to the grocery store for trip supplies took an hour and a half since we could only drive 5-10 mph on the iced roads.

We’ll be driving with our menagerie singing in the back seat of the truck and our trusty camper behind us, so it should be a fun trip, if a bit loud.

We won’t be able to bring the web server back online until we have internet service at the new house. That could be a couple of days, or it could be a couple of weeks. The pandemic has a lot of routine services taking longer than they otherwise would, and we have a lot to do when we arrive. Rest assured, getting our critter pics and the story of our move posted are a pretty high priority.

You can watch for updates on The Cat’s Facebook page, and should you want to drop us a line, any of the methods on our Social Page will work since we’ll have mobile access.

Wish us luck! We love you all, and we’ll see you on the far side.

–The Ork

2 thoughts on “Moving Time: Going Offline, Back Soon”

    1. Thanks Joyce! The final mad dash is shaping up well so far. Here’s hoping we beat the storm through New Mexico.. if so, smooth sailing! If not, I’m glad we have 3 propane tanks for the camper’s heater…

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