2019 DXC 600 – Road Trip!

On the hot plains of Texas, a big man and a tiny woman staked their claim. They inhaled the sweet perfume of the Lords of Rubber and Gasoline as they gazed towards the forbidding pillars of the Temple of Speed. The wind shrieked with the siren’s call of turbocharged engines and punishing tolerances. They were home.

In other words: we went and camped at Texas Motor Speedway and had a weekend of racing and adventure, culminating in the running of the 2019 DXC 600.

I made a conscious decision to leave my camera at home and to leave my phone in the cooler bag as much as possible. While I don’t have pics from the race itself, you know I couldn’t resist taking pictures the rest of the time. While the 2019 DXC 600 was amazing, we’re already looking forward to the 2020 race! Here are a few highlights. (Click the pics to see the whole thing, otherwise it might be cropped oddly.)

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