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  • Cranky Fitness — The Cat’s favorite fitness blog. Good information, fun conversations, and blurry travel photos make this site a weekly hit for us.
  • Terrible Minds — If you’re into writing you’ll find a lot of great information here. The language can be a bit NSFW, but the humor is epic.
  • Whatever — Another great writerly blog lives here. He’s an excellent SF author with a killer sense of humor. His Twitter feed is also prone to hilarity.
  • Hyperbole and a Half — Allie Brosh posts awesome stories. Her pictures are top notch. Seriously, you can kill hours here. I also highly recommend her book.
  • The Geeky Housewife — Michelle was friends with me in school before I learned how to talk to people. Her blog is lovely and relevant to my interests!
  • This Guy — Everyone should follow this guy, because kittens.