Kitten Pic of the Day

For all your Kitten Cuteness needs, this page will handily display only the various Kitten Pics of the day as they’re posted.

  • KPotD #021: More Exploration

    Oscar has conquered most of the house, but he made a new discovery today. Behold, the lampshade!

    “This is my new vantage point. You may leave now.”

    That lamp was in the floor not once, but twice. We have some work to do convincing him to leave it be, but I think we’re getting there. In the meantime, I just hope he doesn’t start eyeing the ceiling fan like Nutter did.

    We also got some nice snug time in today, as we do. He hung out with Stanislaus and I during work time this morning, and he passed out in my lap after dinner.

    Yep, he’s draped backwards over my elbow, because kitten.
    Post-dinner faceplant. He takes after me. <3

    Love and snugs abound!

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  • KPotD #20: Amalgamation

    Oscar has increased his rampage quotient today, so we’re putting up a few pictures from yesterday while he was resting between sessions.

    Post-lunch snugs. <3
    He snugs and sleeps with utter abandon.
    Once more, with flash. That nose! Those beans!

    Since we’ve had him, he’s been a strange amalgamation of all our cats. He has Wolfie’s colors, Shadow’s tuxedo pattern, and Morticia’s size while being affectionate and fangwipey like Tai. He has Stan’s vigorous murder mittens and Nutter’s penchant for snugging. I loved him the second I saw his grumpy little face on the humane society page, and I love him more every day. He’s a tiny maniac and he makes me happy.

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  • KPotD #19: Saturday Snugday

    Today was fairly busy with housework and kitten rampages, but we fit in some quality time for snugs.

    Pre-housework snugs, complete with fluffy dog toes (Udo was laying on my feet), random toys, and canine-hair carpet!
    Stanislaus doing his Puddle of Evil routine in the chair next to me.

    Eventually, I got off my duff and cleaned the house, and Oscar grew some more, so it was quite a productive day. More adventures tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy some rampage footage.

    Death to the tea packet tag! Deaaaaaaaath!
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  • KPotD #018: Meetings Bad, Lunch Good

    Nobody likes Friday meetings unless food is involved. We had two this morning, and food was not involved, so our opinion was this.


    But then we got to have lunch with Brian, and Friday is noodle day, so our opinion changed to this.

    Double-parent snugs are <3.

    I’d say it’s been a good day.

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  • KPotD #17: Exploration

    Oscar has been exploring the house more each day and has even conquered the guest bedroom (also known as The Princess Room because of the Disney light switch plate it had when we moved in). He likes to go hide on that bed when I vacuum, probably because it’s a tall bed and I do that room last.

    At any rate, when I returned from walking Brian out at lunch this afternoon I found Strong Independent Kitten in an entirely new spot: Nutter’s woodbox bed.

    Big bed, tiny kitten!

    Cute, right? That was Take 2. My first attempt to capture the sheer hnnnnng of this situation looked more like an outtake from The Haunting of Hill House.

    He’s not possessed. He’s just yawning, I swear.

    More fuzzy goodness tomorrow!

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