Kitten Pic of the Day

For all your Kitten Cuteness needs, this page will handily display only the various Kitten Pics of the day as they’re posted.

  • KPotD #71: There Goes Another One

    Just when I think Oscar has run out of weird things to sit in, he finds a new one. Here is today’s offering.

    “Can I help you, lady? I’m a little busy here.
    This tail won’t murder itself. “

    That is a cast iron wok (don’t worry, it was washed thoroughly). I shouldn’t be surprised given his love of sink basins, but yeah. This kitten.

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  • KPotD #70: Snuggorama

    Mondays tend to be pretty busy around here, what with grocery trips, workouts, and dog walks on top of the regular work schedule. Today we even threw in some yard work. Oscar was just not cool with us being out of the house so much, so this kept happening.

    He thinks he can hold me down. He’s not wrong.

    I am unable to move. Send help (in the form of Orange Vanilla Coke Zero and Milk Duds, because I’m here for the duration).

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  • KPotD #69: Sunday Loafin’

    As planned, we didn’t really do squat today besides watch a race. It was glorious. Oscar joined in the loafing with his trademark abandon.

    Dad’s dresser is the ultimate in feline sleep destinations.

    He’s still in Strong Independent Kitten mode, though Stan might disagree given their usual proximity. I’ll happily take my snugs when I can get them!

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  • KPotD #68: Caturday is Best Day

    We’ve had quite the busy Caturday, as we’re wont to do, because we intend to loaf like bosses tomorrow. As such, I haven’t caught any new pictures today, so here’s an extra from last week.

    Sleepy floof. <3

    This picture does a nice job of highlighting his neck floof and his whiskers, I think. He’s such a photogenic little guy.

    And we’re thinking he might stay a little guy, unlike his brothers. He hopped onto the scale with me Thursday morning and we learned that he weighs 5.5 pounds. That seems pretty small for four months old, but he might hit a growth spurt given those long toes of his.

    Regardless of his eventual size, right now he’s a happy little murder floof and we love him.

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  • KPotD #67: Friyay Fun

    Oscar has been on quite a tear today with his rampant cute-itude. There were so many pics I couldn’t choose, so here they all are: Kitten Pics of the Day!

    Lifting Assistant reporting for duty! He likes to sit on the weight bench with me.

    I was halfway through my last bench press set this morning when suddenly, kitten! He hopped up and sat on my stomach with his head tilted like, “Excuse me, what are you doing?” I learned it is difficult to finish bench press sets while giggling with a kitten on your stomach, but I persevered.

    Writing Assistant reporting for duty! He also likes to share my chair.

    Oscar has a talent for faceplanting, but he also has a talent for tail snugs. Behold.

    And he likes to make sure I feel loved. <3

    And finally, we had a snug after the work day came to a close. Little guy loves his big fluffy brother.

    “I got your butt.”

    So much love. It’s been a good day.

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