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For all your Cuteness needs, this page is a short (30 day) Critter Pic of the Day collection.

First, some Critter Pic of the Day History:

Just shy of 20 years ago, I adopted a fuzzy little Siamese kitten. The internet was new. The community Heather and I had first crossed paths in was slowly fading away. A number of users made their own little forums in the wild west of the digital age, and I was no exception.

Everyone had their own angle, but no one had what I had: a fuzzy kitten and a digital camera. I shamelessly used both to keep people coming to my board, as my online circle of friends was largely female and totally enamored with the fuzzy kitten. Heather, who also had a digital camera, gleefully documented her cats to share with me and the world, as well.

The original Citadel is long gone, but its spirit lives on here. In 2019, we adopted a new fuzzy kitten. We have digital cameras, and we have a website. We revived the Kitten Pic of the Day, vowing to post once a day for a year. After the year was up, Heather wanted to keep going, so she morphed it to the Critter Pic of the Day and included our other pets.

Now… dive in!

The CPotD archive is going to grow a lot as the days turn to weeks, the weeks turn to months, the months turn to years, and the years turn to decades, so I’ve added jump menus to help you skip from year to year and month to month. In time, this will be a haven of kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, fish, and god knows what else for you to shelter in as you take a brief refuge from the outside world.

We’ve already got over 100 250 500 posts archived for you to binge on!

— The Ork and The Cat

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Last 30 Pic of the Day Posts:

  • CPotD #247: Closeup (9/30/2020) - Nutterbutter has hit full snug mode early this year. The latest cold front might have something to do with this timing, but I'm good with it.
  • CPotD #246: Fuzzy Critics (9/29/2020) - The cats like to have their dinner in the middle of the afternoon. If I don't provide soon, they insert themselves into whatever I'm doing.
  • CPotD #245: So Clean (9/28/2020) - Udo had his bath this week and met it with the usual enthusiasm: none. He loves being clean and damp, but he hates being washed. It's tough.
  • CPotD #244: Snugglebuddy (9/27/2020) - We've been working hard this week on our Fall cleaning routine, so we've needed the occasional nap. Oscar is quite happy to help with naps.
  • CPotD #243: The Bower (9/26/2020) - Stanley likes to wrap himself up in the curtain while he's enjoying his afternoon sun time. He looks like a medieval feline lying in a bower.
  • CPotD #242: Grumpelstiltskin (9/25/2020) - Nutterbutter has two favorite spots right now: my chair (freshly stolen, of course) and the top of the recliner. Relocation makes him grumpy.
  • CPotD #241: Cleaning Helper (9/24/2020) - Oscar likes to supervise whatever I'm doing when he's not in Strong Independent Kitten mode. This week, we're focused on evening cleaning.
  • CPotD #240: Patience Limited (9/23/2020) - Stanley doesn't have a ton of patience anyway, but he especially lacks it once he's decided it's time for dinner. What a quality stink eye.
  • CPotD #239: Bed Season (9/22/2020) - Bed Season has officially begun! Here Oscar demonstrates the best crash position for the heated bed. He's the ultimate sleep champion.
  • CPotD #238: Snuggle Mittens (9/21/2020) - Oscar is celebrating the cooler weather with extra snuggles. He spreads them around throughout the day, but most occur after dinner.
  • CPotD #237: Yard Helper (9/20/2020) - Udo loves to help us with yardwork. He stays near no matter what task we're doing, but his favorite part is when we stop for water breaks.
  • CPotD #236: Helpful Panther (9/19/2020) - Stanley has been in full-on Office Manager mode this week. He follows me from room to room supervising all of my tasks.
  • CPotD #235: Really, Woman? (9/18/2020) - Udo gets tired of being a model, especially when I'm in the floor chittering at him so his ears will perk up. He was over it this morning.
  • CPotD #234: Adorable Void (9/17/2020) - As the weather cools off, the cats get snuggier. Stanley continues to spend every evening on Brian's foot rest and just keeps getting cuter.
  • CPotD #233: Coach Cutie (9/16/2020) - Nutterbutter has been cruising about the house a lot lately, which means he's helping me work out more than usual. What a strength display!
  • CPotD #232: Proper Gentleman (9/15/2020) - Oscar decided to show us his best school picture pose the other night. Look at that little face, those immaculate whiskers. He's so proper!
  • CPotD #231: Day Fort (9/14/2020) - And here we see the daytime occupying force, Nutterbutter. He surprised us with this move because he isn't as prone to climb in his old age.
  • CPotD #230: Night Fort (9/13/2020) - Stanley has discovered a new night fort: our blanket cabinet. Brian was looking for him the other night before bed and found him hiding here.
  • CPotD #229: Such Grace (9/12/2020) - Oscar enjoys sitting like a weirdo. Lately, he's been going at it with extra gusto. Behold this recent dinner snug.
  • CPotD #228: Sharing (9/11/2020) - Stanley has taken to spending the evening on Brian's footrest, starting with dinner. He likes to help Brian eat by gently offering to share.
  • CPotD #227: Sneaky Drink (9/10/2020) - We took Udo and the kayaks out for a spin this last weekend. The weather was gorgeous, the water was calm, and the dog was a ninny.
  • CPotD #226: Guardians (9/9/2020) - Udo has had help guarding the door since we got Oscar. They were in position this morning after chores were done, so I went in for a picture.
  • CPotD #225: So Relaxed (9/8/2020) - Stanley was at it again, this time with secret bonus stink eye. I know I can't sneak up on him, but sometimes he lets me get a shot of cute.
  • CPotD #224: Focus (9/7/2020) - Udo is always ready to help us in case we have too much food. He'll eat almost anything we do, except carrots, but he loves pretzels.
  • CPotD #223: Why, Though? (9/6/2020) - We stayed up super late last night because we had a lot of housework to do. Udo was not thrilled about it. He maintains old folk hours.
  • CPotD #222: Yes? (9/5/2020) - Oscar was busy cleaning his tail in my lap last night while Brian was testing the camera on my new phone. How dare we interrupt his bathing.
  • CPotD #221: Triumvirate (9/4/2020) - I was attempting to get a picture of Stanley in his latest fort under the dining room table. Oscar had to assist because I was in the floor.
  • CPotD #220: Fort Nutterbutter (9/3/2020) - Nutterbutter likes to cycle through sleeping spots during the day and create his own forts. He's come back to the dining room this week.
  • CPotD #219: Ruler of the House (9/2/2020) - Stanley knows he's in charge around here. No creature could sleep like this in the middle of the dining room floor if they weren't.
  • CPotD #218: Power Cage Kitty (9/1/2020) - Oscar is obsessed with my power cage. He fangwipes the safety bars, the barbell, the plates, and my ankles. This happens every day.

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