I’ve been self-employed since May 2011, working mostly from our house. The first two years involved air travel and visits to new and exciting places like Wisconsin (sadly, Delaware hasn’t happened yet). The last two involved a flagging proposal environment and learning how to coupon effectively. Both phases of the business have been valuable experience that I wouldn’t trade for a fat 401(k), but now that I have said experience, trade it is exactly what I’m about to do.

After four years of doing my own thing, I’m putting Verb Forge on the back burner to accept a full-time position.

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Working from home has become a polarizing issue as more companies adopt the practice (or rescind it… I’m looking at you, Yahoo). After seeing an endless stream of articles intended to help more sociable employees take the plunge successfully, I decided to post my own take on the subject: from the perspective of an introvert.

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Tech Tuesday #002: Protect Your Work (Word)

Tech Tuesday 002: Protect Your Documents (Word)

Everyone who works in an office where others have access to your files knows the pit in your stomach you feel when you open your prized proposal, presentation, or spreadsheet, only to realize Ted saved his grocery list over it five minutes before the big meeting.

For this installment of Tech Tuesday, we’ll be looking at some simple methods to protect your Microsoft Word files. Many workplaces use Microsoft Office, so that’s what we’ll focus on, but the suggestions still apply to other programs. Only the implementation will be different.

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Taking Care of Business: Fitbit

Sometimes a company surprises you by showing you that they value your business. This is how Fitbit transformed me from a customer into a cheerleader.

This is part one of a multi-part post about customer service and how to treat your customers like a valued person rather than a line in a database.

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