I’ve been self-employed since May 2011, working mostly from our house. The first two years involved air travel and visits to new and exciting places like Wisconsin (sadly, Delaware hasn’t happened yet). The last two involved a flagging proposal environment and learning how to coupon effectively. Both phases of the business have been valuable experience that I wouldn’t trade for a fat 401(k), but now that I have said experience, trade it is exactly what I’m about to do.

After four years of doing my own thing, I’m putting Verb Forge on the back burner to accept a full-time position.

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Updates and Such

Featured Image: Taxes by John Morgan (via Flickr)

Despite the three cups of coffee swirling around my system this morning, I’m so tired I could faceplant into my keyboard. We’re talking full-on headdesk contact. With extra bruising. Normally I’m not this gassed before lunch, but we’ve had a lot going on lately. Here’s a mishmash of current events in the world of Orks and Cats.

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The Hair Chronicles

Featured Image: Frizzy Hair, by Adrian Valencia

Haircut History
As you might remember, in 2013 I got my hair cut short after more than two decades of super-long, super-fluffy 80s glory. I kept up with it and had it cut again last March in the midst of my uterine escapades because surgery was coming up and I didn’t want to fuss with my hair during recovery. I’ve tried to get it cut again since, but the salon ladies kept blowing me off and being rude on the phone, so I let it grow out rather than hunt around for a new salon.

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Book Time

Featured Image: Looking For a Few Good Books via

I’ve been Sicky McBlarghpants the last couple of days, which has made me extra grumpy (boo) but given me extra time to read (yay). Here’s a list of what’s run through my cranial mill lately in case you’re in search of a new book.

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