An Ode

So, I am not a poet. Really. Not. But my mind wandered this afternoon while waiting for a client to complete a project, and Tai was yowling at me for an early dinner, and then this happened.

Ode to The Tai
The Siamese across my knees is not a fan of patience.
His stomach growls, and so he yowls upon the desk adjacent.
If I gave in, you’d think he’d win, but truth could not be further.
He’d snarf his cup, forget he’d supped, and continue bloody murder.

It is doofy, but it made us chortle, so I’m sharing it. We don’t have to be super serious all the time, people.

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Music, Sleep, and My Brain

If you’ve been around here a while, you know I’ve posted before about my love for music and the powerful effects it has on my brain. A song can take me back to a moment hidden in the depths of memory and make it real again, from scents to sensations to emotions. As far as I know, I’ve always been this way. Given such tendencies, it’s no wonder then that I wake up every morning with a song running through my head. What gets weird is the song my head can choose.
While we were having a hearty what-the-crap moment at the song playing in there this morning (I always tell Brian when they’re seemingly out of nowhere), I mentioned that I don’t tweet enough. Aha! What better way to share cranial weirdness with my friends than to tweet the song I wake up with each day? It won’t be often enough to be spammy and will entertain people other than us, so yay!
Look to today’s tweet to find out this morning’s weird. Feel free to fire back a response or hit the comments to discuss.
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Okay, confession time: I love the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show on Nickelodeon. Brian started recording it a few months ago (because nostalgia), and I got totally sucked in. The turtles are funny and endearing, Splinter is cute and fuzzy, and the storylines are fun. The whole show is just fun. Why I really love it, though: the Kraang. Whoever came up with these squidly aliens and wrote their dialog has either been around government Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or has crazy talent for redundancy.
Read these quotes and tell me the Kraang don’t sound like rampaging bureaucrats.
  • “Go no further. This place is a place where you are not allowed to be in this place. We have been seen in this place by you, so this is not a place that will be left by you.”
  • “It is the maker of the tech which was the tech that was of the Kraang.”
  • “Stop the ones that need to be stopped! Stop!”

See? They also have difficulty with personal pronouns, as shown in these lines.
  • “The image that is the image on the phone is pleasing to the eye of Kraang.”
  •  “Tell Kraang in what place can be found the power cell that Kraang wishes to find the place of.”
  • “Give to Kraang the power cell that Kraang has come to demand that you give to Kraang.”

Some people find them unfunny. I think their stilted speech patterns are hilarious, but I might have spent way too much time reading through RFPs that sound very much like the above. Now, thanks to the Kraang, I have yet another reason to giggle when reading through stuff that was written to be anything but entertaining. Life is good!
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Pew Pew Pew!

One of my clients texted me with a question last Friday. When I answered him, he asked what I was up to and I answered honestly: shooting bandits in the face in a video game. My response led to a brief but spirited game discussion and his pronouncement that my status in his eyes was now elevated. Of all the ways I’ve managed to impress clients, this one was both new and unexpected. I love honesty.
I also love shooting bandits in the face in video games. Maybe it’s my utter lack of tolerance for thievery kicking in, but any type of bandit gets extra blasted when I roll through a game level that has them. They’re almost more fun to kill than zombies (almost). 
Lately I’ve been playing Borderlands, which has both! Although we don’t play games nearly as much as we used to, Brian and I have been pecking away at the last two downloadable content packs to finish up the game before we move on to Borderlands 2.
Borderlands 2 happens to be in the game list of one of my other clients, who has more Steam games than I’ve had MMO characters (hint: that is a lot). Who knew other face-shooting aficionados were running around in this industry? Finding them has been a pleasant surprise and makes my work even more fun than it normally is. Oh, and if you’re wondering, my favorite weapons are combat rifles and shotguns. BOOM-shaka-laka!
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Taxes, Whaaat?

As I wrote the checks to pay my share of taxes for last year, I was expecting to feel anger, resentment, and just a general sense of wharrgarbl.

You can imagine my reaction when none of these emotions turned up. The one that did surprised me: pride. “What?” you say. I know! But when I thought about it for a minute, it made sense.

In my previous years of paying taxes, I did so through my employers. Last year I worked only for me. This time I was the one writing the checks. Even though I’ve been part of the system for a long time, I’ve never had such a sense of direct contribution as I did today. That’s a very cool feeling.

It’s kind of like voting; I’m still juvenile enough to think, “Hey, I’m a grownup!” when I’m done. Now where’s my sticker?

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Health and Such

While doinking around on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I found a post from one of our friends about her current health regimen and she mentioned getting a calorie counting app for her phone. This idea intrigued me because I love both tracky things and techy things. Combining the two could make getting healthier more fun, which could help me get off my duff more often. Yay, right? So off I went to Google Play to find an app for myself, which took about 15 minutes including research.
My choice was MyFitnessPal, and it has been amazing to use. I had so much fun with it the first day that Brian got it as well. Now we’re having a blast scanning foodie barcodes and building our recipes so the app can track all the nutritional information for us. We can log our weights or measurements and it lets us know how we’re doing toward our goals. We can even log our exercise, which has made me break out the Wii Fit Plus and really go to town (as you can see with my orange helper).
Nutter providing moral support on the Wii Fit balance board.
Maybe I’m just weird, but being able to quantify this stuff has made said stuff a lot more fun to do. Then again, people like to see results, even in little increments, and that’s what such fine-grained tracking does. Progress so far has been steady and we’re active every day. Funny how something as small as a phone app can not only give us something new to do together, but also simplify a normally painful process and make it fun.
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